Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Reminder: STILL Boycott "Turkey Day"

For you who have not committed all of this blog's posts to memory.

Boycott "Turkey Day"

Still, do. Still a crushing irony that ours, the fattest and most privileged nation ever, daily seeks new ways to erase from the public square the very mention of Him to whom we owe everything.

To anyone who wishes me "Happy Turkey Day," I plan to respond nicely, "Our family doesn't celebrate Turkey Day" -- and then explain why.


Anonymous said...


I noticed that you referenced in that previous article that you were going to tackle "Happy Holidays." Did you ever write that one? I have only been reading your blog for 7 or 8 months or so now...

In Him,

drew@jonah said...

And next month you should post on how we need to put the "X" back in X-mas.

DJP said...

Jeff -- I didn't?

Drew -- I likely will. Er, sort of.

Anonymous said...

I heard Martha Stewart on her Thanksgiving preparation show yesterday say something like - we have a lot to be thankful for in this country. We owe a lot of thanks to the farmers who provide our wonderful produce like these beautiful cranberries.

Yeah, that's what thanksgiving is all about!

DJP said...


That's not a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a most blessed day of thanksgiving.