Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas: just another pagan holiday




[Update on the very thorough article by Hampton Keathley]

Here is the real meaning of Christmas: To Tell the Truth, Virginia.

Christmas. It's an opportunity (Colossians 3:5-6).

Use it.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say anything important, I just want to see if I can comment today.

4given said...

As I wrote on a post in my blog, here is an article my husband found called How to Preserve Your Kids' Faith in Santa Claus... in other words, here are 5 steps on how to be an example of a deceptively creative liar.

Highland Host said...

Splendid. I'd heard something about this already, but it's good to know that Spurgeon wasn't 'paganizing' when he preached special Christmas sermons.

Telika said...

short but so profound I love this post Jesus is worth celebrating anytime everyday

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this information. We have had some in our church challenging/questioning the validity of Christians celebrating Christmas. The information you posted here has been a valuable resource. Thank you as always for your helpful and insightful posts.

In Him,