Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This guy really, really has issues with Piper

I've profited a good deal from John Piper's writings and conferences. I'd count myself a supportive admirer. But I'm not a fanatic. I ran into fanatics when I posted this essay on Pyro. In the essay, and in the comments, I made a very mild criticism of Piper's position on emotions. It was tempered, and it was exactly accurate — but I was dogpiled.

These folks were not content to say they disagreed; they accused me of lying, distorting, having no idea what I was talking about, making it up. It was nuts.

And that's what they do to someone who's basically a fan!

Wonder what they'd do with this guy.

It would take a lot of time to wade through what he has. I'll say this: he loses 50% right off for trying to be Melchizedek. But still, the evaluations should be weighed on their merits, or lack thereof.


ann said...

Yep. I found THAT site right after having read "Desiring God". And I found it disgusting and full of envy, sort of.
The zeal for God that Piper is radiating is for me like a light in the darkness. Shouldn't we rejoice in our faith?
I want to love God for the joy in faith, and though I know it is my duty, I want to make it a duty of happiness.

DJP said...

At the moment, I'm reading through Peter Masters' critique of Piper. That guy's page pointed me to it, though I think he gives the wrong URL. Masters is sounding some good cautions, imho. (Masters, as you probably know, is pastor of [Spurgeon's] Met Tab.)

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm a loser. I've never seen "imho" before, but I went "what is that? 'I might...' Ooooh, 'in my humble opinion.'"

I need to relearn how to think in non-abreviated sentences (or "INTRHTTIN-AS." I don't really have time to always spell it all out...)



David A. Carlson said...

dogpile? I just reread the comments, and most (vast majority)of the commentors supported you (including me, strangely enough)

Rereading your original post, I was struck by one statement
"I felt puzzled as to why God had withheld sleep from me."

Are you sure it was God and not one of those overstuffed monstrosities you mislabel as pizza?

As to your original post - you could of stuck with an exposition of Phillipians 4. There is no more direct biblical statement on rejoicing in all things, even when you have nothing than that.

It actually pairs with your most recent pyro post.

DJP said...

David, you must be thinking of "dogpile" in the sense of "everyone without exception." That was not my sense.

To re-affirm again: they accused me of lying, distorting, having no idea what I was talking about, making it up. It was nuts.

Thanks for your opinion about what I "could of" done. In this case, I'm actually happy with what I did do.

I notice you don't have a blog. Perhaps you could start one, and model for the rest of us how it should be done? I know I always find good examples to be helpful.

David A. Carlson said...

Blog? I have a blog.

Most definitions of dogpile include the word "many" in it.

4 out of 15 is just nips at the heal.

You want a dogpile, go post at Franks and take issue with one part of Tulip. Thats a dogpile.