Friday, June 12, 2009

Hither and thither — 6/12/09

Weird. I was thinking I'd not have much for you today. WRONG!
  • Who could have predicted that amoral, self-centered egoists would find a cult teaching that they are the universe, and that they are even bigger than themselves, appealing? I mean, besides everyone and anyone?
  • Another reason it doesn't surprise me too much: before Christ saved me, I did the exact same thing.
  • On the other hand, Hollywoodwise, I don't know if any studio has been as consistently excellent as Pixar studios. My family saw and enjoyed "Up," last Sunday. (I was home, sick.) Among other things, they single-handedly kill the argument that movies must be gritty and nasty to be successful. Check this out.
  • And then there's this:
  • By starkest contrast: an Oh, No, Really, No, Please — Try Not to Speak Alert. (Equally, it could be called a Valerie, Skip This One Alert, in homage to my dear wife's wise practice of trying to know absolutely nothing about the private lives and thoughts of media-types she otherwise enjoys... since they're pretty much invariably paint-thin, amoral idiots when they're not reading words written by someone else.) So, HSAT, I share with you all that plastic starlet Megan Fox probably thinks it would be best if you and I swiftly died a violent death. Ah, I love the smell of liberal love 'n' tolerance in the morning!
  • On the subject of "death," a Dinosaur MSM Death-watch Alert. Former Procter & Gamble vice-president Lou Pritchett submitted a letter to the New York Times. It was about Obama. Ah, but it dared to be critical, so they didn't print it. No matter. He took it to the internet, where it's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Man just bypassed the MSM, and I'm loving it. The death-grip is loosening. Check out more here.
  • Title of the week. Now, who hasn't wondered this? How to Make a Fake Wall You Can Crash Through. Now you know. No need to thank me, comes with the meal.
  • Lead sentence of the week. "Alcohol has been the downfall of many ne’er-do-wells, but never quite like this." Read the rest.
  • Sobering (read "chilling," "disgusting") tale for pro-aborts. Just read it, it's short. (h-t- Challies)
  • Yet remember, being a human outside of Christ is not about objective processing of facts. I know someone who was somberly informed of grave, grave defects in her unborn child, and encouraged to abort. She didn't. Perfect, beautiful baby. Yet she is and remains completely pro-abortion. (So is that now-grown child, I am told.) It isn't about facts or truth, but rather about their suppression.
  • Aaaand now comes the first time my Lego feature will probably not delight my Lego-loving readers: this. Sorry. (Well... it was historical.)
  • "Say, honey, aren't those raindrops kind of large? What a minute... what th--?"
  • Hunh. Shooting things (under tight control) can be pretty.
  • Sometimes a familiar expression can become more than just an expression.
  • So whose functionary intoned to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu these insufferably arrogant words: "We are going to change the world. Please, don't interfere"? Oh, I probably gave it away when I said "insufferably arrogant," didn't I? Yep, it was a tool of The One who issued that directive. Here's an endearing photo of The One talking with Netanyahu, complete with graphic insult:
  • And while we're in the neighborhood, here's another insight into the sort of man President Obama selected to be his family's pastor, and stuck with for decades. Reflection on the President's judgment and character? Nahh! Of course not!
  • And again, in that neighborhood: remember how the MSM trumped what a Christian O was, and how wrong it was to make anything of his middle name, or to suggest he was in any way Muslim? Frank Gaffney make some sober (and alarming) observations about America's first Muslim president. We're either talking "contextualization" to a suicidally barking-mad degree, or Manchurian candidate. Another reason for professed Christians who put the scalpel in O's hand to repent.
  • And in that neighborhood, yet another reminder that when we observed that people treat O as if he were God, we weren't just blowing smoke (thanks, CR). But, as Rush Limbaugh observed, there are of course huge differences between the two. For one, God doesn't think He's Obama. For another, liberals love Obama.
  • Yikes. The one that really should have gotten away.
  • Here's a sobering and startling reminder of the truth of Ecclesiastes 3:2 (thanks, Julie). Do not forget, dear reader: your only opportunity to know God is NOW.
  • Here's the other side of the truth that when it's your time to go, you go.
  • For our techie readers: a number of these 13 apps worth downloading look as if they're actually worth downloading!
  • Also for our techie readers: a way you can make a minty fresh portable power-shot for some of your USB devices.
  • Oh, dear. Speaking in tongs. (Thanks to reader Berry Davis.)
  • And in case you ever want to "text" the Ten Commandments... well, don't. (Thanks, Becky.)
  • Well, lookie here. Someone built himself a real-life hobbit(-style) home in Wales.

  • And finally:


CR said...

I was reading one of your links on Megan Fox and ran across a link on that page Brewer Spars With Ziegler About Palin, Shuts Off His Mike from government run MSNBC. I thought it was pretty funny.

The Squirrel said...

Regarding Jim Carrey et. al.: When you reject the truth, it's only a matter of which lie you'll believe.

re: Pixar - It's been long known (and ignored) that clean, family films (g & PG) gross more at the box office than pg-13's and R's - that won't stop them, though...

But the best quote from that article is, "We'll be first in line for the next Star Trek movie, regardless of how many lens flares are in it." See, Dan, you weren't the only one!

Megan Fox? Two words, "Brainless twit"

So, how much does a 12-pack weigh? That's gotta hurt!

I actually like the 10 commandments in "txt" - very creative.

And, please don't show the hobbit house to Mrs. Squirrel? Thanks!


DJP said...

Squirrel, in saying that, you malign all decent, hardworking brainless twits by association.

Fred Butler said...

I liked UP as well. One annoying aspect, however, was the 3D. I would have enjoyed this movie much more in plain 2D. The 3D was distracting, plus I had to wear sun glasses through the entire film. They itched my nose, kept sliding down my face, and my kids got tired of wearing them. Unless future film makers are able to present the 3D movie experience without the glasses, I think I will be hating movies for a while.

The Squirrel said...


"Squirrel, in saying that, you malign all decent, hardworking brainless twits by association."

You're right, of course. How thoughtless of me. Would "brainless leftist twit" be more appropriate or less offensive?


DJP said...

Well... it would be a double-tautology.

Which sounds like a surgical procedure, but isn't.

The Squirrel said...


RT said...

Great H & T. As always I don't know whether to laugh, cry, recoil in terror or all three. For sheer ludicrousness there is nothing like the human comedy, but, with Byron "if I laugh at anything mortal tis that I may not weep."

DJP said...

Agreed. I think each installment of H&T gives fodder for each.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Too right.

My boys are going to absolutely love the instructions on making walls to crash through... I see a summer activity coming on (but they'll have to work on an even smaller budget!)

And they're going to REALLY love the story about the German boy being hit by the meteorite - wonder if he gets to keep it? (Didn't sound like it.)

Thanks for the tip about "Up"... looking for a fun b'day outing for the grasshoppers and friends.

And can I just say WOO-HOO to the shot-putter?! LOVE that.

Gotta email my Dad to read today... he'll love the photos of the bullets. (Might better not show that one to the boys... they'd probably want to try it.)

Happy weekend,


DJP said...

It was with just such impressionable souls in mind that I added the words "(under tight control)," Julie.

Aaron said...

So Megan Fox finally said what most liberals think?

CR said...

DJP wrote: Another reason it doesn't surprise me too much: before Christ saved me, I did the exact same thing.?

Dan, sometimes you put so much stuff, it's real easy to miss the really, really good stuff because we have to be selective. I know, I know, we're suppose to read all links. But if everyone hasn't read the above link, definitely read it. Especially part 3 (which is what I linked only), great story, and a lot of wisdom. Are you still in touch with Greg?

DJP said...

No, we lost touch decades ago I'm afraid. I pray for him, and have tried to find him. But no success so far.

CR said...

Hmmm, too bad. We here I thought were one of your more important statements (they were all good) but was a real good one:

I had no interest in hearing about the former from Greg until I'd seen the latter. I think professional, full-time arguers have an important ministry. But their ministry isn't most of ours. Most of us need to do the hard work of showing love, so as to create a context for the Gospel. It isn't our love that saves anybody, it's the Gospel (Romans 1:17). But it can be our love that makes anyone willing to hear the Gospel from us. Shining as lights in the world (Philippians 2:15) means more than being able articulately to describe light, and contrast it from its opposite. It means showing forth its qualities in a credible witness. It means integrity, and integrity means (among other things) love and grace.

Rachael Starke said...

Who's Megan Fox?

The desire of Hollywood types to be "known" is practically imprinted on their DNA. And so I'm delighted to say that I really don't think I've ever seen her or heard of her before now. Thus may it ever be....

And I'm totally with Valerie on the "keep as ignorant as possible about the real life behind the makeup and pretty lights of actors" approach.

NoLongerBlind said...

Can you pleeease offer some sort of explanation of the baseball game hop-fest?


DJP said...

I wish!

DJP said...

Okay, maybe I have found a little more.

It's... Koreans!!!

NoLongerBlind said...


(I thought about searching on YouTube, but couldn't think of what parameter to use!)

Maybe MLB needs to take some lessons!


Kim said...


I really like your blog title - "Biblical Christianity" - because so many Christians aren't very Biblical in their thinking or behavior.

At least I try to think Biblically.

Kim "Grandpa Grasshopper"

The Squirrel said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!


Susan said...

Fred, sorry you didn't like the 3-D experience. I loved it! (And we sat in the first row...okay, it would have been better if we sat further away, but we had little choice by the time we got to the theater.) Up was such a delightfully sentimental movie, I think Grandpa Grasshopper will enjoy it, too!

CR said...


I'm surprised you didn't run the state-controlled NBC Today Show interview of Gov. Palin by Matt Lauer where Gov. Palin said she would not go to the Letterman show and she would want to keep her daughter away from Letterman and Lauer responded by saying that was in bad taste of her to say that of Letterman. is kinda funny for Lauer to say to Gov. Palin, words to the effect, "isn't that kinda offensive that you say you don't want your daughter next to a guy who just made a joke about a guy having sex with your daughter?"

{shrug}Well, that's state controlled media for you, I guess.

lee n. field said...

Many of the bullets that you could actually make out appear to be airgun pellets. Footpounds at the muzzle is very low, but still going at a respectable clip, and no it's not recommended that you stand in front of them.

Tadpoles -- how "Fortean".

Linky est geborken for the Lego 0bamaenberg Rally. Just as well.

LanternBright said...

In his books, Tolle teaches that time is an illusion. The “past” is nothing but your own imperfect memory and the “future” is your own inaccurate prediction. All we have is "the Now."

wonder how much he charges by the hour.

DJP said...



DJP said...

Lego thingie fixed.

The Squirrel said...

Best part of the Lego thingy is the line for the porta-potties! Realism, gotta love it!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, I don't know, Squirrel... I kind of like the Queen. Pearls!


Andy Dollahite said...


Reference the Matt Lauer/Gov. Palin interview, I couldn't agree with you more about how revolting the whole thing was! Run to the bathroom disgusting! Lauer should be ashamed and embarrassed to have so lost all sense of reasonableness. Someone with greater wordsmithing skills should really open up a can on how disgraceful his interview was.

Aaron said...

Even setting aside Letterman's comments, would any of you here want your daughter(s) around that man?

DJP said...

If my dear daughter (A) were around him, and (B) chose to speak, I think Letterman would never forget it.

Aaron said...

LOL, Dan.

I was just intimating that even before his comments, it wouldn't surprise me to see him cast in the next Law and Order SVU episode.

Mike Riccardi said...

Regarding Obama being a Muslim because of the statements he made in the Gaffney article...

< s>

Don't you just see that he really is a missional Christian? He's becoming all things to all men so that he might save some. I mean, to the Muslims, I became a Muslim, no?

I mean guys, really now. How is he going to develop a context of friendship with the Muslim community before he evangelizes them? Don't you see that he's just stepping into their world? Being incarnational? Meeting them where they're at?

How many Muslims have you "engaged" lately?

< /s>


Gilbert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gilbert said...

In Re: 13 apps...

I have been using Spybot Search and Destroy on my work and on some church member's computers. It really is sharp.

As for Obamarama and Netanyahu...I just heard on the news that the Prime Minister now might be open to a Palestinian state. Noooooo...

Aaron said...

The only problem with the Palestenian state idea is that the Palestinian's only want a state that includes the total destruction of Israel.

trogdor said...

Israel has always been the side open to a two-state solution. It's not at all surprising that they're the ones offering yet another concession. Of course, the things they're asking in return - that the Palestinian state be disarmed, etc. - have absolutely zero chance of being honored. Either the muslims will reject Palestinian statehood yet again (and continue to blame Israel for their suffering), or they'll accept the offer but break every promise the first chance they get.

One guess is that Netanyahu is making this offer for PR purposes more than anything. If the muslims reject, Israel can rightly claim they've made offers that were more than generous. If they accept and break the deal, Israel would have clear grounds to eliminate the Palestinian state and take back the land.

Of course, they've always been the ones giving, they've always been the ones offering Palestinian statehood, and they've pretty much always been in the right in any armed conflict. But none of that has mattered one bit to the PR machine, so why would it help this time?

Another possibility is that he's shoving it in The One's face. The One has been adamant about what Israel must give up (without a single concession from the muslims, of course, not even that they stop, you know, trying to destroy Israel). Now Netanyahu can claim he's offered everything that's been asked and more - let's see what the muslims do with it.