Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Note Terri Schiavo updates, below

I want to keep this matter before your eyes and hearts. Note the essay below, Terri Schiavo: or, Why I hate the AP (Part 1 of 43,752, give or take) , and note the updates at the end. I can't get this case completely off my mind. It is so disgraceful to me that, in this rich and powerful nation with so many reasons to know better, we are witnessing the legal execution by starvation of a helpless woman who gives no evidence of wanting to die. We don't treat child molesters, terrorists, or murderers so harshly. What is her crime? She is imperfect, and she is inconvenient to her feckless, philandering husband. Were I either Bush brother, I'd be strongly tempted to do something yet more extraordinary to intervene for this woman. But I have neither the power nor the opportunity; so I try to persuade, and I pray.

Dishearteningly, the mainstream media have largely controlled public perception thus far. In this case, the blogs have failed to counteract the MSM's campaign of propagandistic misinformation. While we do boast some legitimate recent victories, this one so far must be scored a loss for us, and a win for the pro-death establishment. To our national shame.

Oh, and one more thing. I am sick to death of the fatuous assurances of the elite that Mrs. Schiavo is experiencing no discomfort as she is starved and dehydrated to death. I saw one fatheaded know-it-all on Fox last night dismissing that concern with a wave of his hand. Had I been his guest, I'd have said, "All right, pal: off with your shirt! Since you think starvation is such a joy-ride, I just want to make sure you don't have an extra ounce on you that a little voluntary dieting wouldn't remedy!" Because, if terminal starvation were free from discomfort, then surely voluntary dieting would be a springtime walk in the park -- and we wouldn't be a nation of tubbies! People would be gaining weight just for the sheer ecstasy of then going on a diet!

Stupid line of argument.

You know, they say trout don't feel pain. I don't know whether they do or not. I assume they do. That is why, as my family will tell you, I make it a point to kill any trout I intend to keep, right away. That is also why I'm disgusted with "stringers" -- cords that people loop through the gills of still-living trout, which they keep alive in the water so they'll stay fresher.

We aren't showing Terri Schiavo the mercy I try to show to fish.

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