Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Jew calls for Bible-based revival?

"David Gelernter is a senior fellow in Jewish Thought at the Shalem Center, Jerusalem" -- and in Bible Illiteracy in America he says:
America is fertile ground for Great Awakenings--mass movements in which large chunks of the population return to their religious roots. We haven't had one for awhile; we are overdue. ...The next Great Awakening will presumably be centered in the Protestant community--but will deal in friendship with America's other religious communities

I commend to you the entire essay. It's factual, fascinating, pretty much right on-target, and eyebrow-raising.

Of course, given his apparent current spiritual condition, one doesn't expect Gelernter to call for the preaching of Christ. It is this that is really needed, and it is the preaching of Christ that was at the heart of past revivals/awakenings. But Gelernter does discuss the woeful state of Bible knowledge in the general populace and in students, and he does commend the teaching and the study of the entire Bible... which would bring the same result.

He also gives a delightful overview of the history of English Bible translation, and of the role of the Bible in American history particularly.

Worth every minute to read; hat-tip to "billorites" at FreeRepublic.

UPDATE: Chuck Colson has an essay on this.

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