Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dems kicked out of Baptist church? (Some of) the rest of the story

Did you hear the one about the Baptist pastor who kicked everyone who voted for John Kerry out of his church?

Sure you did. Titles like these were all over, a month or so ago:
They all told the same story, about a power-mad nutty fundamentalist Christian pastor (-- is there another kind?) who drove out all the blinking, innocent, minding-their-own-business Democratic Christians in his church. All over politics.

It amazed me, as it always does, to see the furor among some conservatives, blasting and damning this pastor for his actions.

Suddenly, we can believe the MSM? Some miracle occurred, that made the AP a reliable source for stories relating to Christians and their activities? Have we learned nothing?

Leave it to WORLD magazine, once again, to point out that, once again, the MSM told us the story it wanted us to believe (see Teapot tempest). That should not be news.

That so many still fall for it -- that's the news.

Brings to mind the world-weary sigh of Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K, in Men in Black: "Lord, what a gullible breed."

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