Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hysterical review of an appalling Bible (per)version

How can a review go wrong with it starts like this?
The dungheap of really bad literature is one book higher these days.

Well, I suppose it could -- but in this case, it doesn't! If you're not already hooked, let me complete the first paragraph, because it gets even better:
Seems somebody out there obviously believes we needed yet another translation of the Bible, though I fail to understand why. This is of no consequence, because neither did they, apparrently. And as our vernacular, colloquials, and sentence composites continue their ridiculous trek to oblivion in the dim light of political correctness, they might as well keep the printing presses warm and ready for continual amendment by people who think Camus, Sartre, Marx, and Stalin are all just post-Biblical versions of the Apostle Paul.
The whole review is just that good, right up to the end. Read The Therapist's A totally objective look at The New Testament and Psalms-An Inclusive Version.

(Gosh, if I ever get published, and he reads my book... I hope he likes it! HT to La Shawn Barber.)

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