Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not a proud moment to be a Republican

Of the two relevant political parties in America, only one shows even occasional interest in protecting the smallest and most helpless. That is one reason why I am a Republican.

But I am not always a happy Republican.

I had one are of my unhappy moments Tuesday, watching Republican Senator Arlen Specter questioning prospective Chief Justice John Roberts.

So here is Arlen Specter, by any estimation at the end of his life. He is in his eighties, and is being treated for cancer. What legacy does be want to leave? Evidently Specter wants to be remembered as the great protector of Roe vs. Wade.

That's right. Arlen Specter's great concer in life is protecting a wretched, wrongheaded ruling that has resulted in the violent deaths of millions upon millions of children. A ruling that even its defenders acknowledge as, to be charitable, "flawed."

I just can't get my brain around that concept. One could argue -- could try to argue -- that 32 years ago there was reason to be ambivalent about the effects Roe would have. If so, any such reason has since been decimated, and replaced by unassailable counter-arguments. But word of all this evidently has not reached the planet Senator Spector lives on.

But the most astonishing thing that I know of Specter saying (so far) has to be this. It is a stunning admission. Here it is, as reported by LifeNews:
"People have ordered their thinking and living around Roe," Specter said. "For two decades of economic and social developments, people have organized intimate relationships in reliance on the availability of abortion."

Read that again. Think of the big argument that's been often tried against making killing all babies (not just the perfect and convenient ones) against the law. It's been argued that such laws would have no real effect. It's a stupid argument, and a a desperate argument -- and even the morally-dense Senator Specter evidently knows better.

Yes, of course people who sleep around like dogs might have to think twice if they couldn't just have any inconvenient results butchered for a price. And Specter thinks that would be a bad thing.

The blackness of such moral darkness can only be penetrated by the light of God's grace in the face of Jesus Christ. Pray that Senator Specter know that light while he still has time.

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