Wednesday, November 30, 2005

There's a Norman Geisler Clock!

Who knew?

Calvinist Gadfly has a Norman Geisler Clock, ticking off the time during which James White has been waiting for a response to his challenge to a debate on Calvinism.

It rather surprises me. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Dr. Geisler when I edited the school paper at Talbot Theological Seminary. Nice man, very sharp.

I think on this issue White would probably mop the floor with him, but I also think James would have his hands full. It would be no cake-walk. Geisler is well-read, very incisive, and adept at putting things sharply, briefly, pointedly.

So the suggestion that Geisler is playing the chicken on this issue surprises me.

That Dave Hunt is doing so, doesn't.


Rob Mart said...

You should check out the debate between White and Bob Wilkin. White is "mopped" up by Wilkin during the whole debate. White sounds confused during the debate and has to rely on acting as if he was personally attacked and misrepresented by Wilkin. Wilkin completely refutes Whites comments on John 6:44 and 1 John. White failed to give an adequate rebuttal on these passages.

Also,the standard practice of reducing all non-Reformed positions to an Arminian position did not work here for White. White had a fight on his hands and it was a fight he lost!

As for Norman Geisler, he has already said he would not debate White. I think the reason he gave was because he does not debate other Christians. So all the Gadfly people need to stop acting immature and stop all of this nonsense. Trying to bully someone to do something will never work and is very un-Christian.

DJP said...

I doubt that, but haven't heard it. Is it online? Do you have a link?

Also, if memory serves, Geisler has debated Christians. Even if he hasn't, he wrote a critical book. If he's saying that he'll snipe, in print and at a distance, but won't go toe-to-toe... we'll, that looks far more like cowardice than principle.

Rob Mart said...


Sorry about the late response to your question. Here is the link below to the second half of the debate provided by Bob Wilkin's site. I don't think Mr. White provides free audio for this debate but I could be wrong. Let me know what you think.



Rob Mart said...