Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MY Big Announcement...

...is Phil Johnson's Big Announcement.

Yessiree, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, kids of all ages, after happily swinging away here in the minors for over a year, greatness has been thrust upon yr obdt srvt. Phil Johnson has graciously -- and I do stress that adverb -- invited me to team-blog with him. Of course I gave the invitation long, serious, and searching thought. (Boy, that's six seconds of my life I'll never have back!) Then I said yes.

So I can tell from the stream of referrals to this site from the new site, that a lot of good folks are seeing Phil's announcement, reading my name, raising their hands to the heavens and excitedly exclaiming -- "Who?!"

So welcome, I'm looking forward to making new friends, and probably new enemies. (Confessedly more eagerly the former than the latter.)

You can read a bit about my background and foreground here; you can read some of my unbloggy opii here; and I'd invite you to use the right side of the blog to see what I've written. The word "eclectic" may come into your mind, as you see Biblical/political essays, pop culture examinations, infrequent personal notes, exegetical notes, controversional theological reflections, wrestling with personal issues of Christian living, and just some funny stuff.

Not all of that will fit into Phil's design, and that's just great. So for you regular visitors here, here is my plan. I intend to keep this blog up, as I work also with Phil and the team. What won't fit there, will go here. That's the plan. We'll see how that goes.

So I'm glad to meet you, and I pray you come to feel the same. I'm terribly humbled, and terribly grateful to Phil for the opportunity, and plan to do my best to use it for the greater glory of God and good of His people.

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