Saturday, January 21, 2006

What th -- ? Roman Catholic priest preaches "sola fide" to the Pope??

I blinked, too.

Check out Faith alone, not deeds, required for salvation, papal preacher tells pontiff (h-t James White). You can also visit Cantalamessa's web page; on the initial page, there isn't a word that couldn't fit within a decently broad definition of Christendom.

On the other hand, Cantalamessa wrote a book titled Mary: Mirror of the Church, which a reviewer says sets forth the "orthodox, Catholic understanding of Mary's role in the Church." If Cantalamessa indeed sets forth the orthodox Roman Catholic view, with its obsessive fascination with fairy tales and de facto (if not de jure) divine worship, then of course he wouldn't fit.

Either way, interesting. Did he understand and mean what he reportedly preach? Does he know it strikes at the foundation of the Roman "gospel"? Or is it doubletalk?

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