Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why God calls us "sheep"

Hint: it isn't a compliment.
ISTANBUL: Hundreds of sheep followed their leader off a cliff in eastern Turkey, plunging to their deaths this week while shepherds looked on in dismay. Four hundred sheep fell 15 metres to their deaths in a ravine in Van province near Iran....
In the Bible, anytime you see a sheep, it's usually straying (1 Kings 22:17; Isaiah 53:6) or being slain (Psalm 44:11; John 10:12) in one way or another -- unless, and only unless, it's under the care of a good shepherd.

Sheep are helpless, vulnerable, willful, and stupid. The sentimental notion that God sees us as sheep because we're so sweet and lovable evidently came from someone who'd never worked with the little four-legged lawnmowers.

Thank God we can have a good shepherd (Psalm 23; John 10:11). If we learn to know ourselves at all, we'll stay close, and follow without swerving.


Wes Walker said...

That's pretty vivid, Dan.

Humbling, too.


Ruth said...


Thanks for that - humorous with a bite.