Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ooh! I did a "best Godblog"!

Sometimes I feel a little like the fifth Beatle over at Pyromaniacs.

Frank called me "David," Steve Camp called me "Don," a poster called me "Phil."

Then, when one of my posts caught the eye of the legendary Tim Challies... he called me "James"! (That's kind of okay, because he thinks "James" doesn't have much of an IT background, as opposed to my six years or so.)

So it's truly nice to have my post 26 ways in which doing IT Support is better than being a pastor made one of the Best of the GodBlogs. He found it funny and encouraging to him as a pastor, and that's dead-on what I was aiming at. Praise God.

(Though he doesn't mention my name. That's probably good; who knows what he might have called me?!)


Bo Salisbury said...

The Rodney Dangerfield of blogging. Sorry, man.


PietyHill Press

Libbie said...

At least he didn't call you a wierd lemur-boy.

DJP said...

Don't even get me started, Bo! (c;

Libbie, LOL! I forgot about that; that's right, I think being weird lemur-boy (i.e. mistaken for another Daniel) was first, closely followed by Frank's "David."

Well, at least you got the right name; just wrong Daniel!


Kim said...

Well, of all the things Frank could have called you, "David" isn't bad.

BugBlaster said...

Hey congratulations John!

from another former I.T. guy.

BugBlaster said...

Must keep reminding myself that deadpan doesn't always work on the internet. Dan, I *know* your name is Dan. Hope I didn't offend!!!

DJP said...

Kim -- Hm, good point. Very perspectivalizing.

bugblaster -- Nah, it totally worked, I thought it was funny. I love dry, and I love wry. Never use a hammer when a feather will do it. I just don't want to oversaturate my threads with me-posts on everything everyone says.

Which... is... what... I'm.... hmmmmm....

marc said...

Congrats, keep up the good work Ted.

jc said...

I enjoy your interacting with the comments left on your posts.