Friday, February 03, 2006

Various Spear-points

M'man Phil Johnson weighs in and it is, as always, a must-read. He links to other good discussions -- again, as always.

Chris Anderson writes an excellent, sharp-minded, extremely-well-phrased response to Randy Alcorn's gush of mush.

Recap of mine own:
Here is where I encounter the issue. If more evanjellybeans would read this (or something like it), some of the continuing misfires could be avoided. In it, I also give some predictions, basically all of which have come true. Give it a read.

Here is where I discuss Allen's appearance on Larry King, and score my predictions.

Here is where I wrap it up -- and, again, I wish some of the "c-c-can't we all just get along?" folks would read this and give it a thought. And, finally --

Here is where I discuss at length , and with some, er, warmth, how Mart Green and Steve Saint bring out the "Because-God-told-me-to" defense.

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