Friday, April 21, 2006

Evolutionists and homosexuals: more alike than one might guess

Various news articles started me thinking about similarities between homosexual agenda advocacy groups, and the First Church of Darwin.

There have been stories about homosexuals demonstrating and protesting Christian meetiings. A report last month related how homosexual advocacy groups are attacking organizations that try to help homosexuals find freedom from -- instead of embrace slavery to -- their perverse passions.

Ever notice how similar the two groups are?
  • Both are utterly dogmatic about their perspective.
  • Both regard deviations from their perspective, not with openminded interest, but with violent revulsion and contempt.
  • Both are intent, not on engaging, but on suppressing alternative views.
  • Both insist that theirs is the only possible, true, rational view.
  • Even more, both direct the same molten fury against "apostates."
Let's expand on that last point. Both evolutionists or homosexual activists level the same invective against anyone departing from their orthodoxy. What sorts of things do both groups say?
  • "He never really was 'gay' / a scientist!"
  • "There is no such thing as an ex-'gay' / scientist-who-rejects-evolution!"
  • "He's just an anti-gay / anti-science fundamentalist fanatic -- exactly like the Taliban!"
Why? On the face of it, and from a bit of emotional distance, it isn't what you'd expect.

The materialistic, Darwinian, scientistic establishment claims to be all about facts. The face they turn to the world is wide-open to alternative views, with no religious or philosophical axe to grind whatever. You'd think that they'd embrace an alternative approach with open arms, give them an equal seat at the table, allow that their perspective may be valid.

Homosexual activists claim that they've a hard, hard life. They claim to be abused and persecuted. They insist that no one would choose to be homosexual. You'd think that, if someone actually could demonstrate that there is an alternative, there is a different way, they'd rejoice.

In both cases, what you and I'd think is not just wrong -- but exactly, precisely, almost studiedly wrong.


Maybe it's this:

Both share the same real root problem, as do we all. They "love" contrary viewpoints like cockroaches "love" light: not. The scientistic establishment is really a religio-philosophical worldview. So is that of homosexual activists. Both define their lives in terms of their central allegiance (materialism / homosexuality).

Both bet their souls that the God of the Bible doesn't exist.

And so you see, in both cases, if they're mistaken, they lose more than a detached intellectual argument. They lose their god, they lose their world. The Darwinian dogmatist can no longer define everything in terms of mindless, valueless processes. The homosexual's passions are no longer the transcendent, unchallenged measure and defining-point of all things.

And so, everything is called into question: the way they view themselves, their decisions, their allegiances, their values, their relationships, their responsibilities, their world. They feel they have a nice little "gig" going. Challenge the foundations, and the whole is threatened.

In these cases it isn't a problem of utter ignorance of the truth; it is suppression of the truth they know (Romans 1:18). The reality of the holy, infinite-personal God of Scripture is not a welcome concept, for all their thinking is predicated on His irrelevance (Psalm 10:4). If He is in fact relevant -- if a scientist can show that the Biblical model makes more sense than the Darwin's hopeless muddle; if a homosexual can find freedom from his self-destructive passions -- this is the end of the party as they've conceived, constructed, and walled and fenced it.

That may be why alternative views provoke such violent (and similar) reactions from both religions. The Lordship of Jesus Christ is great news -- unless you have bet everything on being able to be your own Lord. Then it feels like terrible news, and it can enrage and drive one far beyond reason.

Which pretty much explains what we see unfolding today.


Screaming Pirate said...

Great post dan. If you think about it the two are linked scriptualy. Paul in a way links them in Romans 1. First we have the denying of God, which is evident to them. Then you go on and it talks about the spiral downward. It goes from rank unbelief,to having a depravied mind)(vs. 28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper,) So no only is the link conicedental. One is acualy the result of the other. Gross sexual sin is Gods judgement for compleat rejection of God(which is what athiesm is).

Calvinist Gadfly said...

Great post.

A Fly you want to swat! said...

wow I am actually seeing a post from one year in the future - 21st April 2007, well Dan congratulations for successfully testing your newly built time machine, anyways God bless you Dan

DJP said...

wow I am actually seeing a post from one year in the future - 21st April 2007....

Oh, crud.

(A) Yeah... I try to stay ahead of the curve. (c;

(B) Good catch.

(C) There's a reason for that. I didn't say a good reason, or an interesting reason... but anyway, thanks, and I'll fix it.

candyinsierras said...

Surpressing the truth is the best way to describe these groups. Scientists will not step outside the prescribed boundaries of funded research for fear of losing funding. The whole Global Warming deal is a good example of this agenda. Many of the scientists speaking against this pseudo-scientific crisis are retired.

Interestingly enough, Darwinian philosophy led to Eugenics, which Hitler used to his advantage with the support of corporate leaders in America. Some of the social outcasts he killed were undesirable homosexuals. Ironic isn't it.

Homosexuals are pawns really, in the political agenda of creating chaos so that Socialism can flourish out of that chaos.

I read your sermon and have one disagreement. You stated that there would be agony and regret by those in hell. I believe that because they surpressed the truth and became reprobate, there is no regret. The weeping and gnashing of teeth is the absolute hatred of God forever.

No Fluff Required said...

Interesting connection. I agree.

The homosexual philosophy needs evolution. If we are all just animals then why shouldn't we just act like them, having no responsibility for our actions and no regard for a higher law than nature (desire) itself.

They are so very linked and yet refuse to see the greatest problem. If we all became homosexuals our race would die out and then we would not be the fittest. Homosexuals should at least be willing to admit that from an evolutionary standpoint, the fittest ones among us are the large families with a father and a mother, who don't kill their unborn children.

It is our job to extend, compassion and prayer for them and the gospel of life to sad that they would love such self-degradation over peace and life and forgiveness.

a fly you want to swat! said...

as for discussion, my reactions are already up around: I definately agree with calvgadly, good linking, yea also with screaming primate, evolutionists give the "intellectual" base for homosexuality and homosexuality is just one of the fruits of such trees and also a great weapon for gootome scientists to say everything is just wrong with Christianity, I am sure they are doing everything to "prove" homosexuality is just "natural". But I am know I could have very much been in their position if not for God to have mercy on me. Thanks for the great posts, I reg visit Pyromaniacs. Lord be with you (gosh though I mean it, that sounds like May the Force be with you - hmmmm I wonder if Lucas copied that)

also sorry about the previous post, it was 5 am and I am usually hypocritcal at those times(for example I forgot the password for my previous user I created so I had to create again! and also how many times have I forg)

a fly you want to swat! said...

oh oh I mistyped "screaming pirate" as "screaming primate"

candyinsierras nice pts, yeah funding is more important than truth,and yeah ironic it is, as for regrets in hell, I havent heard the sermon(? I would be interested) I believe weeping comes from regretting the life on earth I doubt it comes just from pain, but yes absolute hatred is surely there in Hell and worse than all the fire, to think of it, its just a fearful thing: absolutely hating God at one side, on the other though God said there will be no mercy, they will regret and cry in vain hope for escape. I can't think much of it, its a hard subject but God said it is so.

a fly you want to swat! said...

Dan thank you very much for the Baby Man post, I am not some years Christian, only about a year, but the last two months I have been in dumps, wondering if I really knew God, sin and feelings overwhelming, I almost have no intimacy with God(no not stupid feelings they dont make me persevere whatsoever but a love for Christ, His Word, His people), but that is what should happen for my neglect. I will remember that good illustration, I surely want to grow love God more not the situation I am in right now.

Thank you again for the post Dan, I have no excuse whatsoever for my neglect and irresponsibility. God be with you.