Monday, May 08, 2006

Libbie nails it again: Gospel authority vs. "evangelical" woman "pastors"

Libbie's Musings of an English Muffin is a regular visit of mine; I really must shake off my torpor and admit as much in my links. (I don't feel too bad; Libbie doesn't admit to frequenting mine in her links, though she confesses to visiting Scary Frank's.)

Today she unloads on T4G and that article. She's speaking of the "controversial" article in the Together for the Gospel statement dealing with women and ministry. Among her memorable and on-target musings:
I remain a little puzzled that this is the issue it is among evangelicals, as it doesn't seem to me that scripture is silent of the matter....
There are passages that explicitly say that women are not to teach or have authority over men. They are not fuzzy passages that require a koine greek concordance to understand the plain meaning of them.
The [explanations] I have read for women to ignore these passages seem to range from dismissing the passages as only for a particular time, to Paul being a hideous woman-hater, to them actually not being part of scripture at all.
Now, in all honesty, I have also seen every one of these arguments used to say that homosexuality isn't a sin either. And it seems obvious to me that none of these arguments should have any weight among people who believe in the complete inspiration and infallibility of scripture.
Because once you begin to say that you don't like a passage because it doesn't apply anymore, or because it's not really scripture, or because it was a part of scripture that was just Paul's humanity sneaking through, then you deal a blow to the authority of scripture itself that I think does great harm to the authority of the gospel contained within it.
Amen, and well-said. You go, girl. (That's American for "Spot on!")


Jim Crigler said...

I wonder what a post like this would mean to those who use dispensationalism for their full systematic theology (not just for their eschatology like, e.g., MacArthur).

DJP said...


Gordon Cloud said...

I say, Amen to your saying Amen to her post.

Or, I guess I could just say Amen (that's a short A by the way).

Jeremy Weaver said...

Now there's spmeone who doesn't understand dispensationalism, Dan!

Those are some great quotes. It seems like everyone reads Libbie's Musings except for me. I'll have to fix that.

No Fluff Required said...

I love Libbie for this!

Women who want to preach are, (to steal a phrase from a Steven Curtis Chapman song) playing game boy sitting in the middle of the Grand Canyon. If all truly Christian women got together and actually obeyed God to the Holy Spirit's full power within us...we'd be a force to be reckoned with indeed.

I'm sick to death of the "church" embracing satanic, worldly philosophies. Women who preach are disobeying God. I am insulted for the Lord's sake that His design is demeaned. He pours out the blessings on those who walk by faith and minister fully in the capacities He created. But those who walk by sight believe they can fix the problems that the Lord of the universe obviously, somehow, did not foresee when He created the church. What is the result? Congregations of people who treat God as if He never spoke to us and weak and cowardly men who will never lead and "church" day-cares filled with the neglected future of the weak "church" How SAD! I pray that there will be a female revolt against all the role-demeaning lies. What damage could be done to darkness by raising young women who would rather die than dishonor God's Name?....and boys who will grow up to become leaders--cemented in holiness, preachers of the Words, breathed by God Himself, in Christ's True Church!

DJP said...

Absolutely, Amy; Libbie rocks.

And after all, isn't it a small replay of the seminal sin? Isn't it the same sort of situation our great-great-great grandma was in? God says, in effect, "You can have any of all of this that you want. You just can't have this."

And Eve said, "But I want that!"

And ends up losing it all.

No Fluff Required said...

Yes, and just like Eve said, "I want that," We commit the same idolatry by seeking fulfillment in roles not created for us. The essence of idolatry, according to my own personal conviction, is seeking to be satisfied or made happy by anything or anyone but God. I believe the big sin in the garden was idolatry.....and that has been our course ever since...

"And ends up losing it all" You are so right! That is exactly it! My point, thank you!!!

When we put ourselves in these self-appointed places of leadership, in disobedience to God's Word, we do lose it all. All that we want to accomplish, gets in the way of the vast eternal blessings God would be giving us. And just like Eve, we are not the only ones effected by our disobedience.

sorry so much, so fast......but this is one vein that has thinned over the years...I guess it gushed on you and libbie. (that's kinda gross)