Thursday, June 15, 2006

More abortion news from Bedlam

A young woman was found guilty of "felony murder for causing the baby's death while committing first-degree cruelty to children," because she left her newborn to die in a Walmart restroom.

Not even meaning to be sarcastic: I find myself unable to guess how the pro-aborts would explain this sentence, when this exact same woman could have had that exact same living baby torn to pieces until dead, perfectly legally, if she'd simply managed to get herself to an abortuary instead of a Wal-Mart.

Shouldn't it be practicing medicine without a license, rather than murder?

That last sentence was sarcastic. But honestly, when the subject is abortion, I keep coming back to the sense that it is simply an area of national moral insanity. It is not possible to mount a rational, morally-sane explanation for the abortion-on-demand mindset. Yet it still is the legally prevailing position.

What it illustrates is this:
They have rejected the word of the LORD,
so what wisdom do they really have?
(Jeremiah 8:9b)

The path away from the word of God is not the way to sanity.

To put it mildly.


Dan B. said...

It is as you say, Dan. This issue is one that feeds off a group mentality--not to sound as if I am politicking, but if you could corner most individuals and even small groups in their camp, some could even see their error. But these simply ignore truth, and as they have likely rejected it, why would they listen?

Daniel said...

Shouldn't it be practicing medicine without a license, rather than murder?

These words would be far less penetrating if they didn't ring so perfectly true.

Libbie said...

keep your ears open for the news from the UK in the next couple of weeks. People over here have got rather squeamish after those 3D shots of 12 weeks in utero babies, and the parliamentarians are looking to reduce our legal limit from 24 weeks.

Of course this isn't as good as it might appear at first, because in tandem with this they're looking to enshrine a right to abortion which we currently don't have.

Mike Y said...


It blows me away. My mom was advised to abort me because she wouldn't survive and I wouldn't either. She had three failed attempts prior to me and every doctor knew the end results.

When I happened to be born slighly more than 3 months early, the same doctors knew well I would not live the night. However, my mother managed to survive. As you might tell, I did as well.

I'm not saying this to suggest doctors should mind their own business on this subject. But I've heard the excuses and don't buy them. My mother was also the victim or rape. Yet I have a sibling whom I love dearly as the result.

I am grateful to God he ruled over the matter and in the life of my unsaved mother. I came to be a Christian in 1990 and preached to my mother for several years till she became one in 1993. Now, other members of my family are slowly coming to the point of asking more questions.

While we cannot possibly understand the future of each unborn child, we should trust God with the outcome.

My wife and I have quite possibly the best child in the world. He is beautiful, tremendously kind to everyone and very obedient. Yet we adopted him from a 21 year old girl who felt she made a mistake, but still wanted to further her life. Rather than kill her child to suit her selfishness, she sought for her child a better life than she felt she'd provide him.

Anyway, I totally agree with you that it isn't very rational or moral.

Now, I'm upset and need to go for a bike ride to burn this feeling of.

Keep up the great work!


DJP said...

Thank you very much for putting a human face on the subject for us, Mike.

Now, I know of a lady who was advised to abort her child, who would be born horribly deformed. She's now a beautiful, dearly-loved young lady -- and her mother an ardent pro-abortion advocate. Explain that for me. I can't.

As to rape, I've never yet heard a rationale for executing a child in our society, for what one of his parents did; nor why it helps a victim to turn her into a victimizer. Aren't there two victims? Don't we have the resources -- and the moral obligation -- to show compassion on both?

Mike Y said...

I believe we do have such a moral obligation as you suggest. The problem with living via "the end justifies the means" is that it still results in evil in this case.

It is very ironic that the mother would have such a stance, given what she personally experienced with her daughter.

I used to work for a company named Adaptec. Before every critical business meeting, our COO would remind us all "there is no right way to do a wrong thing".

I wish more people would adhere to such a philosophy at minimum.


4given said...

I use to be a pro-Life speaker. Had to move to a different "season" of my life when we adopted twin boys of whom I use to be their Great Aunt. We now have 6 kids... I actually have 7. One is in heaven that I aborted as a teen.
Your testimony is incredible and I so appreciate being able to read a glimpse of it here. Thank you for sharing it.
One of the saddest things is that alot of young girls have abortions in complete ignorance to what they are really doing. It is a selfish thing. I know. I was there. When I started doing research for my 1st speaking engagement, I was horrified at what I found. horrified.
This story of this girl in Wal-Mart... a grievous illustration of the depravity of man.

Mike Y said...


I do understand what you are talking about. Sadly, my sibbling product of rape found herself pregnant right after high school. Out of fear and confusion she too had an abortion.

I know that to this day, she wrestles with incredible guilt. All of this is self-inflicted and has hindered her in many ways with carrying on her life. Ironic if you think about it. Had she given birth, then provided the child for adoption, she might be in much better shape than she is today.

Congrats on the adoption! With so many waiting to adopt a child, I wish more would exercise this option.

As terrible as all this is, I'm thankful that God is still sovereign. I'm confident that God has used your personal experience in conforming you to the image of his son. Just look at where you are today versus when you were a teen.

God bless,