Monday, July 03, 2006

Training Husbands -- your thoughts?

To prove that I can occasionally post briefly, I refer you to What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage (h-t CraigS), and I invite your comments. My thoughts actually go in a few directions on this one; I'm interested in yours.

Sorry that (A) it's the New York Times, and (B) registration is required. Maybe you can find it elsewhere, or use, if you don't want to do the free registration.


RodeoClown said...

I forwarded that link to my wife (after reading it on CraigS' site).

She asked if I was giving her a hint.

I responded with silence.

Make of that what you will.

I think there are some good points in there though - if someone does something you don't approve of, ignore it and it generally goes away. I think this is something the church in general needs to learn - by reacting to things that they (meaning individual churches) don't like, so much more attention gets drawn to it and the phenomenon gets bigger rather than dying away (Harry Potter/Da Vinci code anyone?).

Also - is it possible for you to turn full-text feeds on in your blogger settings?

DJP said...


It's quiet.

Too quiet.

Ray said...

Hmmm... Crickets, that is all I hear...

Kim said...

I've been talking and having my talking met with silence for almost twenty (very happy) years. Have I been trained without knowing it?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Dude, you're too much.

No Fluff Required said...

I don't usually fall to considering people (created in the image of God) as being trainable like animals, but it is somehow.....appealing to me...
I'm giving it some thought.

meanwhile....I thought I'd let you know my husband quoted one of your blogs in his sermon last Sunday.

The audio download should be available this week: