Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BibleWorks 7 update

If you had been persuaded by my review here or at Pyro, you...

A. Would already have BibleWorks 7; and....
B. Would have just received, as a download, A. T. Robertson's magisterial Grammar of the Greek New Testament -- for free!

And it's fully-integrated, already, in the resources that automatically display on any verse.


Mike Y said...


I was definitely persuaded by you to upgrade. And am so glad I did so. But I didn't know the new grammar was available.

Was this a manual download from their site? Usually I receive an email from there, but I must have missed it in this case.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up on this.


DJP said...

I got it just this way: Help, then isn't it BW on the web?, then Check for Updates. It pops up under updates. DL it, then you find it under Resources and, I think, Grammars.

(I'm at work, and don't have BW on my work pc! Go figure.)

Mike Y said...

I'll take a look for it Dan. And gee, can't imagine why they wouldn't include it on your pc there. Ohh, that's funny!

Have a great weekend!