Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh. My. Gosh.

I've been Purgatoricized.

That is going to leave a stain!

(I thought nobody could top the first caption, but some of the others have been pretty hysterical. Still, sadly, I'm afraid it's going to lose me this guy for good.)


Anonymous said...

Well, amusing comments aside, I think it's a nice picture.

At first, I thought you were holding a golf club.

Libbie said...

Keep trivializing yourself, Dan, that's all I can say, and your fellow Pyros. I'm not sure in what book of scripture we are exhorted to be dour if we discuss theological concepts at any point.

Oh, and I left a spelling mistake at Purgatorio, just for you ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dan! I mean... I guess?

Chris said...

All I could think of was something involving sword chopping and a stack of NIVs. I thought better. While it may not be a great "translation", it still doesn't deserve to be sliced with a sword.

Now, and Amplified on the other hand... :-)

lee n. field said...

Gotta get me one of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he's a fan. I wonder what he would have said had he not ben a fan.

Gavin said...

I am responsible for you being Purgatoricized. :-).

Good photo and I love the sword.
From : marc
Sent : Wednesday, 23 August 2006 9:05:20 AM
To : "Gavin"
Subject : RE: Purgatorio An Idea for You Supply the Caption


Thanks Gavin,
I'll save these for an oportune moment...


-----Original Message-----
From: Gavin [mailto:]
Sent: Fri 8/18/2006 9:00 PM
To: marc
Subject: Purgatorio An Idea for You Supply the Caption

Hi Marc,

Here is a link to two pictures of Dan Philips from teampyro / Pyromaniacs
blog that might make a good "You supply the Caption". Dan is wielding a
sword from Lord of the Rings.


philness said...


I think Bob is really just crying out for a mug or a T-shirt.