Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope and (some) Muslims crack me up

This will offend folks like "Squish" Hewitt, but I just don't have much respect for the Pope. To me, he's on a level with any other cult leader. Plain enough? He's probably an authority on Roman Catholicism. If that's important to you, then he's your man.

That having been said, I thought his remarks on Islam were worth making. I might even have said, "Good point."

But now he's apologized. Well, sort of. Okay, it wasn't him, and it wasn't an apology... but it was apologetic, and in his name.

That's sort of funny. Here are two funnier things:

1. Freshen my memory: has The One and Only Seamless and True Holy Roman Catholic Church, Now With Magisterial Teaching for Extra-Infallibility{tm} ever officially and formally apologized for the violence done by it to my spiritual ancestors? Or are they still fishing in that big river over in Egypt?

2. How do Muslims (the loud, visible, public ones, anyway) respond when the Pope associates violence with their religion? Yeppers, you guessed it. Violence. Wellsir, now there's a convincing response! Nobody will dare to associate them with violence anymore or... or... well, they'll kill him! (Isn't this like a husband telling his wife to go to Hell when she says he doesn't love her, or a wife tearing her husband apart when he hints she might not be very respectful? Not much of a rebuttal.)

Reminds me of this deathless exchange in Raising Arizona:
Glen: It's a crazy world.

H.I. : Someone oughta sell tickets.

Glen: Sure, I'd buy one.


Highland Host said...

Occasionally even the pope says something right!!!

And then the Vatican loses its nerve.

Carla said...

Forget about the Pope, I can't believe you quoted H.I.!

Oh you crack me up.

Carrie said...

Yeah, this has been an interesting story!

Chris said...

Now I *really* want that pope costume.

DJP said...

You kidding, Carla? Raising Arizona is one of my favorites! Eminently quotable.

Not sure many weeks go by without my saying at least once, "Well, all right, then." Even though nobody gets it.

Other favorites (which only RA fans will get):

"'nless round is funny."

"Well, which is it, young feller?"

candyinsierras said...

hey! one of my favorite movies too. I'm a Coen Brothers fan.

Carla said...

No sir I am not kidding - RA is an incredibly funny movie. We bought it (used) on dvd a few months ago and have watched it so many times since, we should be ashamed of ourselves. It'd been years since we saw it. Too long, in fact.

What's worse is, we hooked our 16 yr old on it, and now she quotes RA lines as well.

We're horrible, I know.


BugBlaster said...

Kim told me on the way to your house the other day to grab a toddler, because you've got more than you can handle.

I said no.

Michael Herrmann said...


THE best quote of that movie is...

"her womb was a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase".

Cracks me up!

That movie is chock full o' good quotes.

"I think he went and had his self a little rest stop."


St. Brianstine said...

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Dan B. said...

Some things in this world are predictable--Muslims in the Mideast responding to an insult with VIOLENCE. Amazing.

100 points for quoting RA. I grew up in Kentucky--being redneck is local to the South, but hick is everywhere. :)

And just for kicks, another Coen quote: "I'm with you fellers." (O Brother Where Art Thou)