Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just... dude!

The father of one of the Columbine shooting victims made a "Free Speech" guest commentary on CBS News. Watch it.

In one minute and twelve seconds, is there anything the gentleman didn't touch on, in a hard-hitting way?



Libbie said...

Oh the comments were delightful. I so want to be a liberal, they're such nice people.

If we had less abortion, there'd be more school killings - school killings happen because we made a video-game about.. school killings.

Somewhere in that tangled logic, I think I agree. Yes, I suppose if less abortions happened, there'd be more children at school to kill. And yes, a moral climate that thinks it's fine and dandy to make video-games out of unspeakable destructive tragedy will certainly be part of the problem.

Which I think is what the man just said. Twit.

Daniel said...

What can you add to that? The guy called it - straight.

Backwoods Presbyterian said...

You should hear the talking head shows rail on this guy. We need more people who are not afraid to tell the truth even if people do not like it.