Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just how stupid is John Kerry? Ten thoughts

  1. The refrain of the 2004 campaign was that Kerry was this nuanced intellectual, whereas GW Bush was this bucktoothed, mumbling imbecile.
  2. Then (after the election) it was magically discovered that the lower grades at Yale were actually hooked by -- can you guess? -- Mr. Intellectual himself, John Kerry.
  3. As an aside, one must ask: "Mr. Kerry and your krew, Bush is supposed to be stupid, and he beat you like a bongo drum. What does that make you?"
  4. But, evidently correctly assessing the intelligence and collective memory of the American people, Kerry and his ilk continue to beat the Bush-is-dumb drum.
  5. And so Kerry again tries a Bush-is-so-stupid joke, manages to insult the entire universe (with the sole exception of his intended target), blames Bush for his troubles, refuses to apologize... and then apologizes. Well, sort of. As close as Dem leaders ever come, or are required to come, to apologizing. Leading to these thoughts.
  6. So, Mr. Kerry, you tried to tell a joke about how stupid President Bush is and, instead, insulted men and women serving in our armed forces. Um, tell me again -- who is it that's supposed to be stupid?
  7. So, it's okay to insult the Commander-in-Chief, but not the troops? ("Oh, gee, aw-hyuk aw-hyuk -- I wasn't sayin' that y'all was stoopid! I was sayin' that the Pres'dint o' th' Yoo-nighted States was stoopid! Your C-in-C! Y'see?" "Oh... okay.")
  8. God was so good to America when He didn't let Kerry win.
  9. That Kerry got more than seventeen votes, that he still even holds public office, and that anyone can discuss him seriously as a contender for '08, witnesses to the deep, deep trouble that America is in.
  10. Bush Derangement Syndome claims another victim, and a repeat victim at that.
UPDATE: Ed Morrow did an article that initially looked to similar to mine that I considered suing for theft of intellectual property... but actually his is much better and fuller. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

See nail. See hammer. See hammer hit nail on head.

Right on, Dan!

Jeremy Weaver said...

My first thought when I heard what Kerry had said was this, "Maybe God hasn't given up on the U. S. after all!"
God works in a mysterious way.

Libbie said...

I caught this over on Little Green Footballs. The man is quite astonishing. Just not a good side to this. Even my dh, who doesn't really pay attention to American politics thought it was unbelievable that someone would say that in an election campaign.

The press in the UK love to incessantly repeat the mantra of 'stupid-Bush'. I recall one of our newspaper headlines asking how you could all be so stupid after his last election win. There's an impressionist who does a third-rate George Bush, and people just fall about laughing whenever he justs acts like Goofy.

Jeremy Weaver said...

"He was for the joke befoer he was against it."-Dick Cheney

DJP said...

The links also indicate that he was against apologizing before he was for it.

candyinsierras said...

Well...he has always been bipolar after all.

candyinsierras said...

OH...and what to do if you just don't do well in college instead of going to Iraq? Marry someone like a Heinz heiress in order to finance your lifestyle.

No Fluff Required said...

Dumber than a box of rocks.

Benjamin Oetken said...

An excellent job of clearly showing what many seem to so quickly forget about Kerry, that he is not as brilliant as he would like everyone to think and nor is GW as dumb as he would like everyone to think.

William said...

Thank you, Lord, for giving us wisdom. Thank you, also, for giving us reminders that you do not have to, and you have not, given wisdom to all.

I have to remind myself that, but for grace, there am I.

However, all the while knowing the previous, how in the world is one man so disassociated from reality? Does he really believe his own words? Does he expect us to?

4given said...

#9 especially hit the nail on the head