Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My seven-year-old wondered why Mom and Dad didn't seem very happy last night. "God is spanking America," I told him.

WARNING: unless you're a terrorist, an anarchist, a nihilist, or just basically an idiot, this won't be a happy essay. If you're already depressed enough, you have my permission (ha!) to skip it. If you want to gloat, I'll probably just delete you. You've been warned.

Last night was a great victory in American politics. It was a victory for bin Laden. It was a victory for all America's enemies, foreign and domestic. It was a victory for the old, mainstream, lying, distorting media. It was a victory for illegal aliens invading our borders. It was a victory for homosexual activists. It was a victory for governmental thieves. It was a victory for the worst and lowest in the nation.

The Democrats had no platform, except that they were against everything. They lied, they distorted; they shamed and embarrassed themselves to the extent where the media almost couldn't cover for them. Almost. And it worked like a charm. After all, they had Hollywood with them.

It isn't exactly true that the Democrats had no platform; they had no new platform. We know their old platform: they are for abortion; they are for special rights for perverted behaviors; they are for punishing the productive to enable the unproductive; they are for legalized theft; they are for criminal-rights and opposed to victim's rights; they are for endless lawsuits about anything and everything; they are for judicial legislation; they are opposed to the Constitution; they are opposed to the practice of Biblical Christianity.

I say this as a former Democrat. The speech that outgoing Democratic senator Zell Miller gave at the last convention resonated deeply with me. I think the Democratic party sold its soul over Bill Clinton. They had a choice: take out their own garbage, or embrace and become the garbage for the sake of power. They chose the latter, and have never recovered.

But I'll say this. This is not a coup. Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy -- they didn't ride into Washington in tanks, and take over government after a bloody battle. No, the American people handed them this power. With every reason to know what they were, and what would happen, we did it to ourselves.

And so the media may well have its wish for Vietnam redux, as they've chanted for years. But it won't mean what they mean. My understanding is that our miltary won Vietnam, but the media, the pols, and the public lost it.

Virtually everything I hear about Iraq from those who serve there is positive, reports of great gains and progress. But the media has a story, and they stick to it: quagmire, defeat, death. I'd love to see, next to the daily toll of the KIA's, the number of those murdered in America, or just in New York. And the number of terrorists killed. The deaths of our solders is tragic, but let's get some perspective.

So God is spanking us. Do we deserve it? Heck no. We deserve far worse. We deserve annihilation.

We look back on Israel and Judah, and marvel at their sin and apostasy. Read the confessions in Nehemiah 9, Ezra 9, and Daniel 9. They knew better, and yet sinned appallingly.

Our case is worse.

We are not a covenant nation, as Israel was and is. But that isn't God's standard of judgment. His standard is available light (cf. Luke 12:47-48). Care to compare the light Israel had available, versus the light America has had available since its inception? Did Israel possess all 66 books of the Bible? Did they have not just one, but many copies, in every house? Did they have preachers not only within miles, but on various media?

Perhaps more, did they have their own sad example to learn from?

We have had all that and more. Yet look at the church. Look at Christians. Emergent, Emerging, open theism, leaky canons, gutless grace, little-bitty-God, egalitarianism, traditionalism, lukewarmness, passion for power, indifference towards a sovereign, holy God, cute little ditties, pleasing little sermonettes for Christianettes -- and anyone who bucks that trend is extreme, harsh, judgmental, narrow.

And that's from professed Christians.

So we're getting far less than we deserve. Democrat power will mean more Americans die. It will mean more are robbed of their hard-earned wages. It will mean that our foundations are further eroded.

Add to that that the GOP are wonderful losers -- and I do not mean that as a compliment. I forget who said it, but it had some truth: "Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser."

I'm not talking about being a gracious loser, I'm talking about being a defeated loser, a deserving loser. The worst in the party -- folks like John McCain -- will be preaching the message, "See what we get when we're too divisive and extreme [read: "true to our core principles"]?" RNC Chair Ken Mehlman is already doing it: the GOP should learn from its defeat that they need to "try to work where we can on a bipartisan basis with Democrats."

What? You mean, like the Democrats have been doing for the last six-plus years? You mean, the public has looked at congress and sighed, "Gee, why can't the GOP be reasonable, and rational, like the Democrats? Why can't they put the nation's good ahead of their own party's power, like the Democrats?"

It's possible, I suppose. But if so, America is insane, ignorant, or both. Dems have done nothing but obstruct, foot-drag, complain, whine, carp, nit-pick, pout, and throw tantrums. They've been an embarrassing bunch of spoiled children.

And America just rewarded that behavior by giving them the keys to the car.

God punishes sin by sin. When we turn our backs on Him, He says in effect, "Fine; have some more, see how you like that." And so we ruin ourselves, individually or societally (Romans 1:18-32).

Like America's been doing for decades.

A word to my readers in foreign lands: I don't know of any of you whose countries are not just further down the same road we're traveling. So I trust we'll have your sympathy and prayers.

So, no happy news? Sure. I'm a dispensationalist, which means I believe all the Bible. And I'm a Calvinist (same reason). Therefore, I already knew man can't solve man's problems, and I know man's kingdom won't produce God's kingdom. I'm looking for that new heavens and new earth, in which righteousness is at home (2 Peter 3:13). It won't be brought about by the GOP, either. It won't be voted in, and can't be voted out. And it is sure and certain.

In the meanwhile, American Christians have our work cut out for us.

UPDATE: his reasoning and viewpoint are secular, and he is far too sloppy-kind to the American people (who do feature many sheep and idiots, and just made sheeplike, idiotic decisions Tuesday), but I appreciate Bill Whittle's thoughts (h-t LaShawn):
I wish to tell my friends to be cheerful and especially to be of good will. Disappointments come and go, but moments of courage and integrity in dark hours will be there when the stars grow cold. We have lost the election, so let us maintain our determination, our dignity and our sense of humor, and let us take this moment to reflect upon how our actions have fallen short of our ideals. And then, finally, let's act like the Americans we are, roll up our sleeves and start rebuilding. We who have survived Civil War, the Nazis and the Communists can probably manage to find a way to preserve the Republic in the face of Speaker Pelosi.


Ray said...

While I know that I risk being shredded by this comment, I feel that I at least should drop it in...

I agree by and large with your statement -- except for one thing. Republicans have not exactly been stellar in their leadership qualities -- the Dems did not STEAL anything, the Republicans gave it to them.

I heartily agree that the Dems stood for nothing, however many are unsure of exactly what the Republicans stand for as well.

Truth be told -- while you beat down the Democrats mercilessly, and I found that to be somewhat fun, the Republicans have not instilled confidence, nor led in an obvious way. The Reps, quite frankly are often no more than conservative Dems, hoping to perpetuate a system that allows them to continue to have a D.C. address

True change was NOT wrought by a Republican Congress or Senate -- OK, so a few hot button issues were massaged, but, by and large, much of it was business as usual... The country's deficit is skyrocketing, the country itself has not become 'better' or more 'moral' by any stretch of the imagination.

While you say that the terrorists have won a victory, and you may be right, it is too early to tell, I fear that the lack of consistent leadership and vision was already giving them an edge, at least in the hearts and minds of the American people.

Jared Wall said...

As a lifelong republican and one brought up by a father whose father is a WWII veteran, I can sympathize with your reaction to last nights events. I knew it was going to be a long night when I got in my car around 7PM CST and there was already talk--on FOXNEWS no less--of the election going the democrats way. I have never been able to comprehend for one second how anyone--especially a God fearing Christian--could vote for someone who supports abortion, higher taxes, immoral lifestyles, and the like.

I guess what I learned last night with even more clarity is that God's ways are higher than my ways. Because I know that He is sovereign, I am able to say with confidence that the leaders appointed were allowed to be elected by His will. I will not and cannot fathom now just how it will happen, but I can rest assured that He will be glorified in it all.

DJP said...

Ray, what do you think you're disagreeing with? Read my post again, if you want to. I didn't say much laudatory about the GOP; in fact, I criticized them.

To be really blunt, here's my position: I certainly don't think a Christian has to be a Republican. I just don't think he can be a Democrat.

To me, it's a matter of strategic wisdom to be in the GOP. There might be third (or, more realistically, seventy-third) parties more in perfect alignment to Biblical principles, but there are only two viable national parties. Of those, our values sometimes are welcomed and expressed through one, but basically never through the other.

Gingrich's Congress did do some very significant reforms. The Senate did approve two very decent SC judges. I think they get a little more credit than you're giving them.

But Frist and Hastert played it safe, and played it bad. Weenies like McEgo, Graham, and too many others, didn't help.

I think you and I mostly agree.

Jared -- I feel your pain, and share your faith.

Ray said...

I think we agree as well -- it is just that I found your ripping of the Dems very harsh and the critique of the Republicans 'milder' than I would have done.

I feel betrayed, to a degree, by the GOP...

One comment that I thought was great in your post was this one: ...look at the church. Look at Christians. Emergent, Emerging, open theism, leaky canons, gutless grace, little-bitty-God, egalitarianism, traditionalism, lukewarmness, passion for power, indifference towards a sovereign, holy God, cute little ditties, pleasing little sermonettes for Christianettes -- and anyone who bucks that trend is extreme, harsh, judgmental, narrow.

And that's from professed Christians.

That part, we more than agree on!!!

Anonymous said...

We know their old platform: they are for abortion; they are for special rights for perverted behaviors; they are for punishing the productive to enable the unproductive; they are for legalized theft; they are for criminal-rights and opposed to victim's rights; they are for endless lawsuits about anything and everything;

Welcome to Canada.

August said...

Which is cause, and which is effect? Is the decline in church doctrine due to the tone of the political campaigns, or the other way round? By rewarding the Dems for their negative approach, that behavior has been reinforced. Get ready for more of it.

Anonymous said...

Decades ago a friend told me that as a rule, the Democrats are immoral sexually and the Republicans are immoral fiscally, though both are immoral both ways.

Let's remember the areas where the Democrats are right: We should be decent to immigrants, legal or illegal. (Doesn't the Bible say something about loving strangers and sojourners?) We should work toward a society that is just to the poor. We should care about the environment.

I don't think the Democrats, as a whole, are better than the Republicans. I think they're worse, but maybe they'll at least rein in some of the worst Republican policies. The solution isn't either party. It's repentance.

Robert said...

"Do not put your trust in princes."(Psalm 146:3)

You really think that only the Republicrats can save America? That may not be what you mean, but it's the impression I get from you, Dobson, and many other Christians who lean toward conservation and have the mistaken belief that the Republicrats are conservative. I am more than a little angry that those who looked at the Clintons with an electron microscope,and hollered and screamed at anything that tended to disrespect Christinity, and anything law that tended to restrict our freedoms, went to sleep as soon as Bush got in the White House.
I agree with Jim, the only solution is repentance and revival in the church. If that doesn't happen, it matters not WHO is in control of Washington.
And.., the Republicrats DESERVED to lose. Jacob Hornberger says it much better than I ever could at

DJP said...

Again, Robert, you're arguing with things I did not say. I whacked on the Dems, I whacked on the fool voters who (actively or passively) gave them power. My only words for the GOP were, I think, also critical.

We had two choices. We chose wrongly, foolishly, short-sightedly, immorally. Your assumption that this dichotomy means that I think the GOP is lily-white is just that: your assumption. They just were clearly the better of two not-great choices, for the reasons I outlined in the essay and in my response to Ray. (In many races that went the wrong way, the choice was even starker than that.)

William Dicks said...

Hi Dan,

I am from South Africa, as you should know by now. Here in South Africa, Bush has become a cuss-word. Mention Bush, and everyone turns red.

HBowever, from my side, although I know he hasn't been a saint, I understand that Bush is a lot better than any DEM can dish up.

Concerning the deaths in Iraq. I had a look at the figures of all killed in the Iraq war over the period from 2003 till now. It is very disheartening, I must confess... that there are more murders in South Africa annually than are killed in the Iraq war every year! Add all the rapes and violent crimes, and the deaths in the Iraq war starts looking acceptable. Not that deaths in war are ever acceptable.

Just thought I'd give you a bit of outside info.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

It does seem rather a shame that the Democrats have done so well.

DJP said...

A "shame" is precisely what it is, and that on many levels.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel---

I don't have a lot to say about the political situation in America, being located in New Zealand where the situation is perhaps even worse (our politicians are no better by any means than a typical third world despotic state, where law-breaking is "covered" by changing the law after the fact). I was more struck by your description of modern professing Christianity, and felt I should let you know that you aren't alone in your view:

Yet look at the church. Look at Christians. Emergent, Emerging, open theism, leaky canons, gutless grace, little-bitty-God, egalitarianism, traditionalism, lukewarmness, passion for power, indifference towards a sovereign, holy God, cute little ditties, pleasing little sermonettes for Christianettes -- and anyone who bucks that trend is extreme, harsh, judgmental, narrow.

Allow me to voice my support for this description, and commend your saying it so uncompromisingly. Professing Christian churches have become a mockery of the Bible, rather than a pillar for its truth. May the Lord bless your efforts and speak through you, to reprove and correct the faithful and condemn the unfaithful.

In Christ,

David said...

I hate when blogger loses your post.

1. The Iraq war is a complete abject failure - especially the administration thereof. And while we lose in Iraq, Afganistan burns - see Micheal Yon's stuff to see how we are allowing the Taliban to regain control.

2. It is the "christian" thing to do to vote for morally bankrupt republicans? Abramoff? Conviction after conviction, with more coming?

3. Immigrants is what made this country. News Flash - all of us are immigrants here.

4. Did you notice the number of prolife dems that got elected?

The soul of political parties is all about getting re-elected - obtaining and maintaining power. Christians are seen as just one part of the pie to manipulate.

If you put your faith in the Republicans, you abandon your faith in God. And that is not the fault of open thiests, arminienism, emergents or anyone else. That is the fault of Pat Robinson, Tim Lehaye, Brandon Howe, James Kennedy, James Fallwell, Dobson and their ilk. You can have them.

The Kingdom of God is not found in a Political Party. We just believe it is.

DJP said...

David -- me, too.

1. Judged realistically and in historical perspective, the Iraq war is a breathtaking success, following the history-making success in Afghanistan.

2. What part of the post are you responding to here? Oh, right; no part.

3. See #2. Plus, we are not all illegal immigrants here.

4. And who will those "prolife" Democrats put in positions of power, over legislation, judiciary, etc? The worst of the worst.

As to the rest, once again, see #2, above.

In sum: a mostly irrelevant, off-target response; and what was relevant, was wrong.

I wrote more in this reply, but then deleted it. If you won't deal straight-up with what I've already written, why write more?

David said...

Pt. 1 - The invasion was great. It is what came after that has been horribly mismanaged. Which is what I said originally. So yes, I did directly address your point. You do realize that the Taliban is protecting farmers in Afganistan who are growing opium, don't you. You do realize that the Taliban again controls two major areas of Afganistan, dont you?. Google Micheal Yon and go to his website if you would like to see real reporting. The same as with Iraq - just what type of government has been elected in Iraq? When it is all said and done, they will behave no different than any other arab govt - so what has the invasion gotten us? What it achieved was distracting us from fighting the Taliban and actually doing what was needed in Afganistan. We won the invasion, and are losing the war.

re point 2: Your whole post is about voting republican. This election result is being "spanked by God" My #2 is in response to the overall "flavor" of your post. Just what about Republicans in action is actually more Christian than the dems? If we are to be punished by God, it will be for selling our souls to the republicans.

Pt. 3 - you said "It was a victory for illegal aliens invading our borders" Your words, not mine. My response is that the Repubs were on the wrong side of the issue. It is the repubs who voted for and made illegal aliens the scourge of the US (but not GB - he actually is with the Dems on this one). So, actually, directly on point.

Pt. 4 - true, but just exactly what was Arlin Spector doing for Christians anyway? Other than agreeing to obstruct most of GB appointments?

The whole point of your point is that we as a nation are in big trouble (You said "God is spanking us"). The repubs betrayed those that voted for them, proving themselves as corrupt and apostate as any Dem.

You then went off on the emergents, etc.

My point is that all those believers (with good theology) have become ensnared in the gospel of republicanism, spending thier time and money getting republicans elected. We have bought a false teaching no different than any other false teaching. We just get to feel more moral about it because we are right on these issues. What we should be right on is preaching the gospel. Instead of handing out voting guidelines, we should be having theology 101 classes. Instead of handing out vote republican tracts and buying air time for corrupt politicians, we should be evangalizing.

God may yet judge us. But it will be preaching the gospel of republicanism, and not preaching the true gospel. If Christ came to our churchs today, what he would find is a new breed of moneylenders, this time peddling voting guidelines and vote republican buttons, while our sanctuaries have huge american flags in place of the Cross.

DJP said...

History will prove your take on the war to be foolish.

Protecting the borders is a "duh." You evidently have some affection for home invaders. I don't share it. Nor does at least some of one of the parties. Guess which one?

As to the rest.

Simple. Two viable political parties: one openly hostile to all distinctly Christian values (Dems), one at least sometimes not only not hostile, but welcoming (Republican).

Next: false dichotomy. Evangelize, and have social impact through the one party sometimes receptive to distinctively Christian ideas. (Most of us are capable of holding two ideas in the same brain.)

Then all the "selling your soul" is still just noise, irrelevant to this post.

Did you have anything else? Anything relevant, and not already answered at least once, that is?

DJP said...

PS -- meant to add this.

I have, believe me, NO affection for Sen. MacSpectre. And that is putting it very mildly and politely.

But I do have to say this: under his chairmanship, even if in spite of him, TWO fine SC judges have been confirmed. That is pretty certainly two more that would happen under the evil old man, Sen. Pat "Leaky" Leahy - to say nothing about lower (yet crucial) judgeships.

Celal Birader said...

Although i do not agree with the Democrats' platform or policies, as a Christian, i am happy with the result .

Reason ?

How about a shorthand response with some loaded chiches ?:

*absolute power corrupts absolutely.


*the soundness of the American form of government rests in a system of "checks & balances".

Anonymous said...

Hello...I'm a first-time reader/poster, so forgive any unintentional violations of protocol.

Interesting comments all-around. What I think we witnessed during the recent elections was a Democrat tactical victory which will prove a strategic defeat. The Dems achieved what is, by any historical definition, a mediocre success in the second mid-term election of an eight-year administration. Statistically, they should've done better. This mediocre success was obtained by running on a platform (I use the term very loosely) that was premised on nothing more than telling people they're unhappy. Hitler proved that if a lie is told often enough, without effective refutation, then it becomes truth--at least to those disposed to believe it anyway. The Republicans dropped the ball with respect to "effective refutation."

So, tactical victory to the Dems. However, they made deals with the devil to obtain this victory and, now they've (unexpectedly for them, I think) actually gotten what they wanted, they now must deliver. The people who elected them based on being unhappy now expect to be made "happy." The vaunted Democrat Big Tent embraces people who're natural enemies, who were able to work together only because they don't like Republicans. Now that they're (barely) in the ascendancy (slender majority) they have to try to govern. Unfortunately for Nancy Pelosi and Hank Reid, who are now willing to deal, they've made a lot of promises to people whose political philosophy is best described as "All or nothing." This kind of absolutism doesn't lend itself to the "checks and balances" Celal mentions. I expect there will be some initial success in the lame duck session about to begin (the President will get an immigration bill, perhaps some form of amnesty, and perhaps the new SECDEF and John Bolton will be confirmed); however, I expect things to unravel once the new Congress is inaugurated. The handshakes Pres Bush exchanged with Reid and Pelosi were simply the visual expression of the dealmaking that took place right after the elections. Pelosi and Reid asked for Rumsfeld's head (to display to their partisans) and Pres Bush asked for immigration, amnesty, and the two confirmations in exchange. Pres Bush has already delivered on his end; now Pelosi and Reid have to keep up their end. Expect some bruising battles in the Dems' ranks very soon. Pelosi and Reid may soon find that dealing with their own party will be more challenging than working with the Republicans.

I'm a conservative, not a Republican. If they were really still conservatives, rather than the "Republicrats" many of them have morphed into, I'd wear the label gladly. I understand our system (as described in the Federalist Papers) was always intended to be inefficient and fractious...the Founding Fathers thought it better to have nothing done, than to have wrong committed in the name of government. However, it never entered their thoughts that one day the nation they founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs would abandon those same beliefs. To them, it would seem as insane as trying to preserve a massive edifice while dispensing with the foundation.

I agree with David when he says [we] "...have become ensnared in the gospel of republicanism, spending their time and money getting republicans elected...What we should be right on is preaching the gospel. Instead of handing out voting guidelines, we should be having theology 101 classes. Instead of handing out vote republican tracts and buying air time for corrupt politicians, we should be evangalizing." He's spot-on here. We've lost sight of the fact that flesh can never cast out flesh...we can't, with laws of men, make people want to live moral lives. The reason our nation became great, the reason we could have such an open society for two hundred years, is that everyone was very early in his/her life (until about 1966) inculcated with Christian values through both church and public education. The law worked (mostly) because people were taugh at an early age the difference between right and wrong. Preachers could be depended on to point their fingers at their congregations, bang their pulpits, and wave their Bibles while labeling sin, sin. In today's "Seeker-Sensitive" church, the last thing we seem to want to do is tell people when their lives aren't measuring up. Shucks, they might get mad and quit giving. How then do we pay for new carpet every year, or sound equipment, or electric golf carts to ferry people (most of whom need to walk anyway) from the parking lot to the church front door?

If we want a moral government and society, then we need to stop being ashamed when we preach the gospel and lead sinners to repentance. And the church shouldn't think that witnessing to a risen Christ and the hope of Salvation is somehow less "worthy" than political activism. When one sinner repents, and turns from doing evil, then the Church has accomplished more good at that moment than any legislative session can every hope for.


David said...
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