Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dropping "Squish" Hewitt from the roster

I just realized that Hugh "Squish" Hewitt is no longer a daily-must-see haunt of mine; he's barely even an occasional visit. So I'm dropping him from my very selective list in the sidebar.

I do listen to his show, but Christianly, I continue to hear that there seemingly is no doctrinal accommodation he won't make, and no Biblical truth-hill on which he's willing even to suffer a disdainful look, let alone death. Yet Hewitt still wants to keep making money off of evangelicals, selling books to them as if an authority, while himself modeling (as far as I can see) no evangelical distinction that might bring him social discomfort.

Also, Hugh continues to gear up to shove Romney down our throats, and doesn't seem too bothered by the prospects of pro-deather Rudy Giuliani, or the very worrisome John McMeMeMe.

For more specifics, check out past posts here and here.

So Hugh's gone. Who should replace him on my short list? I'll ponder.


Alisa said...

Just discovered you from Free Republic. Enjoyed your blog. (BTW, I'm not saying I watch Buffy either, or that I have actually have an opinion on the whole Spike or Angel matter...)

DJP said...

Thanks, and welcome.

And no, of course not, no one would suggest that.

Nor would I say anything like that I just finished watching Angel, Season 5, had to wipe tears off my cheek, and said "Best. Final. Episode. EVER!" aloud.

Anonymous said...

Dan, do you watch Buffy to get your charismatic fix?

Libbie said...

Whatever you do, avoid Torchwood if it makes it over there. It's how you do Whedon-esque supernatural drama if you're Welsh and a bit camp...

Chris said...

Dan, you know you want to link my blog. But I guess then it'd have to be your "Monthly Haunts", since that is about as often I can think of something clever enough to post on it.