Friday, September 28, 2007

Forgiveness, yet again, and really well

I don't think I've seen one discussion of forgiveness that wraps up so much Biblical clarity. Check it out. Their responses are pretty much what I've given.

(In fact... I think they've been reading this blog!)

h-t Justin Taylor, finder of many wonderful things


Rick Potter said...

"there are cases in which to call upon forgiveness when there is no repentance on the other party is to denigrate the seriousness of the offense which has been committed and to ask a believer to take lightly that reality of sin. And, so, I think it is more helpful in that case to talk about a readiness to forgive in case of repentance rather than to talk about an unconditional forgiveness."

Man, this hit me where I am right now (sorry). I've dealt with a situation where this shed's much light.

Thanks Dan.


Brad Williams said...


I think that it is important to remind folks that are in the "ready to forgive" stage that we are doing this based on God's justice. I mean that if they repent from their sin and cry out to God for mercy, we know that their sin has been propitiated in Christ. Conversely, if they do not repent, we know that God will judge our case and do what is right. I believe that it is helpful to those who are struggling with an injustice to remember that God is just, always.