Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Various Reformation Day oddments

  1. Check out my Pyro post on the occasion, and how we use it.
  2. You can read Al Mohler's historical comments on Halloween here (h-t Justin Taylor). I'm a bit surprised he does not spotlight the opportunity Halloween affords for us to highlight the Reformation.
  3. Does Rome still offer indulgences? You betcha (h-t Rhoblogy). Amazing. Some people never learn. One is reminded again and again that intellectual blindness is caused by spiritual blindness, which is why it can never be remedied by argument alone.
  4. Speaking of Luther, here are a ton of links by James Swann on the great (and greatly-flawed) man who rediscovered the great Gospel of God's great grace in our great Savior.
  5. Kim Shay (the Kanadienne) wanted an offensive post. She thought and she thought. Who could she ask who would be sure to write an offensive post? Then, unaccountably, I get this email... and the results are to be found here. (If it does good, Kim gets the credit; if anyone gets mad, the blame is mine. That's how it works.)


Kim said...

Well, I couldn't very well ask Frank to do it, because then he might retract his compliment.

Thanks for the guest post. I think it's a good one, especially in light of the fact that I'm teaching young wives at the moment.

Kay said...

Oh yes, I think you really do get the 'meaner than Frank Turk, put together!' plaudits, Dan. In the best way.

KS said...

Include me in you oddmints or oddments. I have collected a whole bunch of MP3 sermons and blogposts on Reformation Day.

Paul Schafer
Bryan, TX