Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Hillary! thought

We all know there's been a spate of bad press just recently about Hillary! hiding behind being a girl, trying to depict her opponents as big ol' mean men picking on a poor, defenseless damsel.

I have a what-if about that.

Major Premise: The Clintons® are the media-smartest (to say nothing more, though sorely tempted to do so) couple, ever.

  1. Hillary is bad at being warm, friendly, real and feminine
  2. Her attempts to imitate these qualities are falling flat (i.e. the cackle that launched 1000 YouTube vids)
WHAT IF The Clintons® are actually engineering this spate of "don't hide behind being a girl" criticism so that Hillary! can drop all attempts at humanity, and be the aggressive harridan she's more comfortable being, for the remainder of the campaign?

(Oh, and for the ChristianityAstray/touchy-feely-type drop-bys: yes, I prayed for Hillary! before posting this. So it's okay.)


Connie said...

Wouldn't surprise me one bit. I too am praying--that God will be merciful and not once again judge America by placing another Clinton in office.

DJP said...

Exactly, though Lord knows we deserve it and worse.

I remember Gregg Harris at a HSing convention soon after The Nameless One took power in the early 90's. Harris said that some people were worrying about the judgment of God upon America because of TNO being president.

Harris said that TNO being president was the judgment of God upon America.

He was right, of course.

Carlo said...

I hope the next President is not Mrs. Bill Clinton either, but the Lord's providence is amazing at times.

I'm reminded of the Elian Gonzalez fiasco. Cuban-Americans in Florida gave about 40% of their vote to President Clinton in 1996, but they turned out in force in 2000, giving an estimated 77 percent of their votes to President Bush to a Presidential election that was decided by less than 500 votes in Florida. The Lord used the tradegy of Elian Gonzales to cast Himself the deciding vote (as He always does, He casts the deciding vote) for President Bush.


Jon Nunley said...

Ouch. Methinks you hit the nail on the head. She is a genius when it comes to manipulation. {{{shudder}}}


Kristine said...


I'd try and offer something profound, concerning the manipulation that is the Presidential election campaign; but, I can't stop chuckling over the paranthetical remark.