Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Have you seen this painting?

I was looking for a painting which I'm sure art critics would see as heavy-handed and obvious, but it has stuck in my mind.

As I recall it: it was a likeness of Jesus as a little toddler in his father's carpentry shop. He is bending over to pick up a nail. The sun shines in, in the pattern of a cross.

Anyone know the painting I am describing? Got a link?


DJP said...

A reader kindly emailed me this link.

That is indeed the painting. I'm wondering whether it's available without the caption.

Fr. Bill said...

With the photoshop resources you have, it should be a breeze to paint out the writing with the background of the letters. Why not go that route?

DJP said...

If you mean personal PS resources, so far PS has defeated me. I own it, but haven't figured it out AT ALL. But thanks.

Jim Kirby said...


Here is a link you might check out. There are several cuts of Jesus in his childhood http://www.biblical-art.com/biblicalsubject.asp?id_biblicalsubject=562&pagenum=1

Jim Kirby

Patrick said...


I've removed the caption


DJP said...

Thanks, Patrick. Do you mind if I link to it in the post?

Patrick said...

No I don't mind.

CR said...

I also liked how you said the "likeness" of Jesus. I don't know if that was intentional on your part or what, but since we don't have a portrait of Jesus Himself, it's important to state that it is his "likeness" and not Him, Himself especially, when it comes to the God-Man.