Friday, December 28, 2007

I think about these things #1

The Yahoo! email spam filter can be a bit overzealous, and has caught legitimate emails (including my own Yahoo! emails to myself). So I've set it to put them in a folder, where I can scan for deletion.

Mostly they're to do with changing things about myself or my life that I really can't or shouldn't (and don't want to), respectively. But one repeat email in particular has caught my eye lately. (Click to enlarge.)

Okay, now, losing 20 pounds overnight, that's a nice promise.

But... "Colon cleanse"?


What a night that would be.

I think about these things.


DJP said...

Checking the Sent date, perhaps this is only technology that will be available in another thirty years.

philness said...

I am getting a lot of spam on yahoo as well.

Although colon cleanses seem repulsive and they are. May I suggest a product that is repulsive friendly. "Perfect 7"

lee n. field said...

You haven't seen the colon cleansing spam before? Sheltered life, man.