Sunday, December 09, 2007

PDA / Bible software question

Hi gang.

I got this question via email:
Quick question, I have a Dell Axim X50v PDA and am looking for some Bible software to install in it. Do you have any suggestions? I don’t need anything too complicated, I would use it mainly for reference. Any help would be appreciated since I am not a PDA geek. I am also going to upgrade my CF Card from 512mb to a 1 gig – is this a good thing?
Frankly, I know what PDA stands for... and that's about it. But I do have a very sharp readership. So:

Anyone have some advice or input for my correspondent?


Tristan724 said...

Laridian is an excellent source for Bible software on handhelds. The founder of the company goes to my church. I would highly recommend them. Their website is

gods.geek said...

I second the vote for Laridian. Great software and they have a desktop version of the software that will soon sync with the PDA version so notes, highlights, etc. can be shared back and forth. Their selection of resources is outstanding, the price is reasonable and support is phenomenal. Plus they are continually making improvements and adding features. For something a tad more simple (and free), I would also recommend Pocket e-Sword. It's based on the desktop version, but for the PDA. As I said, it's free and so are most of the resources whereas Laridian is not free, although some of the resources are.

As far as the CF card question, I always say bigger is better when it comes to storage. My PDA takes both CF and SD storage cards and I have 2 gigs of each (4 total gigs of storage). This is great because I can carry tons of books and documents (and a couple games) on them. Plus 1 gig cards are pretty cheap, so it's definitely a good investment.

Imago Dei said...

Ok, I third the vote on Laridian: Have been using it for 3 years on my various Palm iterations.

Olive said...

Also check out with over 450 Biblical resources

LeeC said...

I use Laridian and Esword.

LeeC said...

Oh yeah, SD cards.
Yeah, I have over a hundred books, many videos, and I basically use mine like an ipod that can multi task ;) so I have hundreds of music albums audio sermons and an audio Bible. All on a couple of SD cards in my Axoims case.

I've owned three Axims over time and my most consistant issue is the touchscreen going out on me. :(

This usually happens after the fourth year or so of very heavy use.

I was able to repair my Axim X5 touchscreen, but then it got left at a Ted Tripp conference at Grace, then we got a mumbled call from a guy who said he found it on our answering machine but no return number...he never called back.

Sorry for the sidetrack, just a wierd story.

LeeC said...

Oh, and all you could want to know about the Dell Axims can be found here:

threegirldad said...

This is just like the dilemma on the PC side. e-Sword is available for Windows Mobile (but not PalmOS), so it is a possibility for an Axim user, and might be perfect (depending on what "I would use it mainly for reference" means). If you want/need more than e-Sword provides, Laridian PocketBible 3 is the way to go. I've used it for years on both Palm and Windows Mobile PDAs. It consistently wins Smartphone & Pocket PC's Annual "Best Software Award" in the "Text and Reference: Religious" category -- and for very good reason.

Rodney said...

Another vote for OliveTree above. That's the way to go for most portable devices.

P.D. Nelson said...

My pastor has a PDA like yours and uses E-Sword he says why buy the software if they provide something for free that works so well. My PDA has Olive Tree and i like that well enough. I think you have had enough options given to you so you has a reasonable choice.