Thursday, January 17, 2008

End the suspense

Find out who you should vote for here.

(For ABC, the questions are actually decent. I'd have included a few others, though.)


P.D. Nelson said...

Thanks Dan now I'm going to have to examine my candidates responses closer.

Strong Tower said...

The problem with the poll is that it doesn't leave room for the non-position. For instance, the last question on experience, didn't allow for a simple academic. Or, with the Iraq situation, I would flood the country with troops, secure perimeters around the cities to cut off explosives and weapons supplies, and to man a border Army sufficient to stop insurgence. On the immigrations issue, just the enforcement of federal seizure laws would be enough, but the weak answer of forcing employees to check, was bogus.

So, in reality, none of the choices would be mine for many of the questions listed, but the quiz would not even allow a none of the above. Anyway, what a waste of time, and I should be in bed.


DJP said...

Yeah, PD; I came up with the wrong #1 guy, too.

Sorry, ST. As I said, I thought that for ABC, they weren't too bad. Which is a bit like saying, "For roadkill, this isn't bad."

ThirstyDavid said...

Few of those questions were fundamental, and most were based on socialist presuppositions. For example:

"What's the best way the federal government can get more people covered by health insurance?"

How about: Stop asking stupid questions that have nothing to do with the legitimate, Constitutional role of government?

As bad as the questions were, this is the first of these quizzes I've taken that came close to yielding the correct result. I'm actually with Thompson, but Paul (my choice according to ABC) would be fine with me. As if anyone that idealistic has a chance in this nation of socialists.

Charley said...

Yes...the questions were loaded and didn't have the best answers.

But I believe the end result is loaded as well. My top three all had four items where I disagreed with their position, yet it put Romney first, Thompson second, and Hunter third.

Why would it put Romney first, unless they would really like to see him get the nod????

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Jeremy Weaver said...

It gave me Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney. If only Hunter had a chance...and if only I could be sure Mitt Romney is who he says he is this time for real.

Ricky Rickard said...

Perfect match for me...Barack Obama. That was who I was voting for anyway!

Carlo said...

Hmmm...interesting, it gave me the wrong #1 guy - Mitt Romney. My preference is actually for Fred Thompson (although, I'm surprised it didn't give me Hunter for the top 3). Mitt is my #2 guy, and I imagine that since it appears Fred will not do well in the SC primary, he will drop out by the Feb 5 primary which will make my vote for Mitt.

What really surprised me, is that it gave me Rudy for 3rd spot?! My preferences are Fred, then Mitt, then McCain and lastly Huckabee - I'm only including those that have/had a chance to win the nomination.

Daniel said...

Not being American, I don't know if my results count, but I got hunter, Romney, and McCain in that order.

Strong Tower said...


Depends are you Democrat?