Thursday, January 24, 2008

Logos Scholars' edition Gold for sale

Some poor soul (Triablogue's Bernabe Belvedere) has fallen away to Apple, and thus can't use most of the software that's available.

One of which is Logos Gold, which I've reviewed for my beloved readers.

So his sad, sad defection can be your gain!

Lookie here.



steve said...

The team members at Tblog are planning to take Berny on a spiritual retreat into the Colorado back country in hopes of dissuading him from traveling any further down the hellbound path of cyberapostasy. Pray for us.

DJP said...

Jude 23, dear brother.

threegirldad said...

Yes, when you've reached the point that you aren't even interested in running Windows on a Mac for the sake of something like Logos 3 Gold, that's quite a defection. Sure wish I had a pile of cash lying around.

Bernabe Belvedere said...
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