Saturday, February 16, 2008


In which English version is "monopoly" to be found, and where?


James Scott Bell said...

NLT, Job 15:8

Unknown said...

Also HCSB, Job 15:8.

Casey said...

Same verse, TNIV too.

DJP said...

The Principal gets the one I had in mind.

Do you listen in on the council of God,
or have a monopoly on wisdom?
(Job 15:8 CSB)

If I'd said "translation" instead of "version," he'd be the only one right.


Stefan Ewing said...

I saw a "Hard Core Southern Baptist" Bible in the local mega-bookstore the other day. (I was just browsing: if I spend money, it'll be at a Christian bookstore.)

It was one of the few Christian books in the "Christianity" section, which largely consisted of the usual Emergent, neo-Gnostic, Word Faith, and Spongite nonsense.

I noticed one thing that sets HCSB from many other Bibles: a Plan of Salvation prominently placed on the opening pages of the Bible. FAITH: "Forsaking All, I Trust Him." I like it.