Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Clintonic ironies / payback

I recently mentioned the Proverbial spectacle of Hillary!® reaping just a tad of the baleful crop she and husband, The Nameless One (TNO), sowed in the all-too-fertile PoMo American soil.

It goes on.

It's just... exquisite, to see a Clinton (!) complain that a candidate is being treated with kid-gloves.

Yet there she was (and recently has been), whining that Obama gets softball questions, while she gets harrrrd questions.

This is the Clinton machine doing what it always does: treating Americans as if they are idiots with the memory-spans of butterflies. Which, normally, has worked distressingly well for them.

But I doubt I'm the only one who remembers the horrified frustration so many of us felt during TNO's campaigns and presidency. The press had lost all curiosity, and all capacity for independent thought, when it came to him. I remember vividly Charlie Gibson moving Candidate Clinton through a diner, to speak with real citizens — until one real citizen challenged him on his serial adulteries. Oops, too real. TNO started burbling out his patented Clintoning down of previous presidents (to make himself look better, by making them look worse) — but it really wasn't necessary: Gibson had already shoved the questioner aside and was moving the great man on to a more fitting question.

Nor can I be the only one to remember the softball after softball that were gentle tossed to TNO in the debates, while sneering, demeaning hectoring was reserved for his opponents.

Ah, but now
Hillary!® finds herself on the opposite end of such treatment, and she doesn't much like it.

For what it's worth, I think her assessment is accurate.

But since she owes eight years in the White House, and a nice little Senatrixial gig, to such treatment, she's hardly the one to make the complaint.


Rob Mellen Jr. said...

Selective memory is a wonderful thing, eh? Too bad it doesn't resemble the truth.



Gilbert said...
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Gilbert said...

And don't think Obamarama is any better:

'Nuff said.

Carlo said...

Seeing all these pictures especially of the wardrobe that Senator Obama was wearing, I can't but help to remember the what looked liked a dopey bunny suit that Senator Kerry wore back in 2004 when he went into that facility - some kind of rocket or nuclear facility - anyone remember that?

Anyway, the more we see these candidates and hear what they got to say (and in the case of Sen. Obama's wife), it's no wonder why many Americans get the impression that democrats don't love America.

Anonymous said...
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DJP said...

Again, work out your issues at DU or CNN or Al-Jazeera or wherever. I'm done with it mucking up my meta's.

Ricky Rickard said...


I agree on Obama's outfit. It not only reminded me of Kerry's outfit, but of Michael Dukakis in the tank as well. Both pictures can be found here:

Let us just pray for the same result. Let us pray that Obama loses in the general, just like Kerry and Dukakis.

Carlo said...

Hi Ricky,

I read your story about making the change and how your daughter played a role. I think that is great and praise God for that.

I have been praying for the salvation of all our political leaders and yes, I have been praying that the Lord would see fit to give us political leaders that would defend human life. God always casts the deciding vote and I think He made that plainly obvious in 2000 that He was in absolute complete control especially when one examines the events that led to that election.

I don't know what He has predestined for our political landscape this November, except that it will be for the good for His elect in our nation and the rest of the world.