Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Revelation, from a dispensational perspective

I was asked if I could point to any sermon series preaching through Revelation from a dispensational perspective. I don't know of one offhand and can't find one in the time I can spare. Can anyone link to a sermon series online?



Angus said...

I haven't listened to this series yet (but to some of the other stuff), but I'd be pretty sure S Lewis Johnston preched it from a dispensational viewpoint!


Tone said...

There are a couple from Stedman here:

23 MP3s

And 30 odd MP3s (scroll down):


LeeC said...

Hmm, we went through Revelation last year in our Sunday school class, very well done, but not recorded.

Our evening classes are usually recorded but the one on Escatology was not. I have the PDF though:

Eschatology PDF

Which I got from here.

ChosenClay said...
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DJP said...

Thank you, Angus. You point in a good direction. Two series from Believers Chapel in Dallas:

Dr. S. Lewis Johnson

Dan Duncan

Dawg Doc said...

John MacArthur has done it a few times. His commentary is essentially a recap of the sermons. Don't know if you can get the sermons online other than by paying for them.

Anonymous said...

Steve Kreloff of Lakeside Chapel in Clearwater, FL, has his verse-by-verse sermons online for free, audio or download. Here's the link to the Revelation series:


Kristine said...

John MacArthur has done quite a few sermons through Revelation; many of which I've found very helpful.

The sermon mp3's are not free, unfortunately; however, the transcripts are freely available.

Here's the link to all of the sermons he's done on Revelation:


Al said...

Mostly MacArthur
There's stuff from Edwards as well not too sure that he was a dispie.

These guys are out of the Dallas Seminary, very strongly Dispensational
Alot of technical stuff to wade through though...

Highland Host said...

CHS - historic pre-mil. Jonathan Edwards - historic post-mil (Edwards couldn't have been Dispie, he lived before JND (as the real old Brethren call Darby). I fund MacArthur's 'Because the Time is Near' pretty good. Didn't convince me, though.

DJP said...

Thanks to all who responded with what the post requested. I passed it along to the person who asked.

(I should have thought of Johnson myself! D'oh!)

Ike said...

J. Vernon McGee taught a dispensational view. You can download his entire five year program thru the Bible for free.

Ike said...

I'm sorry I forgot to give "Thru the Bible's web site? ttb.org

Timotheos said...

You might try Dr. John Barnett from Oklahoma, Tulsa Bible Church, in Tulsa, OK at Tulsabible.org; he's even published a devotional on it.