Thursday, April 24, 2008

Talking art

If only it weren't in Korean.

(Warning: partial nudity)

(Disclaimer: that's 99.999% a joke)

UPDATE: my dear wife says I should tell everyone it's the Venus de Milo that provides the partial nudity. No doubt she is, as usual, right.


Neil said...

With all the vocabulary in this post you're in for a traffic increase.

izitjo said...

I sincerely apologize, and am therefore very thankful you stopped by!!!

I often enjoy what you have to say, both here and at Pyromaniacs.

Jay said...

Okay, there's no other word for this: cool!

candy said...

Interesting. Check out the real Ambassadors painting sometime, by Holbein. The painting has a skewed flattened skull at the bottom that if seen from the right angle looks like a full size skull. Fascinating painting. Lots of other interesting objects in minute detail in the painting also.

By the way. Reno has experienced hundreds of quakes lately, mostly centered a couple of miles from where I live. Folks are getting a bit nervous as they are getting worse. even though we are located in an active seismological area, this is somewhat unusual.