Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thabiti lays down some golden wisdom on Wright's offbase jeremiads

I had the great pleasure of meeting Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile at T4G, and being challenged by his address on the topic of "race."

Now he makes about the best and godliest sense I've read yet about Obama's retired pastor's latest rants. Check it out.

(h-t Justin Taylor)


CR said...


Thabiti's article is a good but is an article with warnings to pastors that are believers. It does not apply to hypocrites like Wright. I mean there is no nice way to say this.

Wright has criticized people in the pulpit of middle classism and too much materialism and yet has 10,000 square foot four bedroom home in a gated white community. I mean, it would be one thing if he was going to live modestly. But he isn't.

So, it's not unusual that a hypocrite would make such statements. Hypocrisy has its different aims. And I won't go through all aims, but one of them is to cover sins that have nothing to do with what we are posturing.

If Wright talks and shouts loud enough about black poverty, black racism, and the plight of the poor and all other ills of society, perhaps he figures that will cover and excuse his lavish soon to be home in a predominantly whited gated community with a $10 million line of credit.

Rhology said...

Brother Anyabwile's msg at T4G is excellent.
Part of me says it is necessary, part of me wonders where?
Again, great msg. No reason not to preach it, every reason to preach it. He did a great job. I've just personally never seen much of the antithesis. Maybe I'm blind, or maybe it's the circles I've run in...

Anonymous said...

Wright's off-based jeremiads...heh heh heh. It took me a second or two but...good one.

Wyatt Roberts said...

Very good article.