Sunday, May 11, 2008


First, I dissed it.

Now I'm on it.

So, tell me again... what am I supposed to do with it? That feels adult and, you know, point-y?


Staci Eastin said...

Well, I look at pictures of my adorable grand-nephew that lives far away. And I chat with my nieces and send them buttons with Jane Austen quotes.

I can't imagine you doing any of those things, though.

Gryphonette said...

You play word games, that's what. ;^)

Such as Scrabulous (a Scrabble-like game), Pathwords, and Text Twirl.

We're Facebook friends, so if you want to try one or more, I'm there for you.

Plus throw sheep at people. Mustn't forget that. >:^>

Gryphonette said...

I'm such a ding-a-ling, I forgot to say that on Facebook I'm "Anne Ivy" on Facebook.


DJP said...

Staci: "Well, I look at pictures of my adorable grand-nephew that lives far away. And I chat with my nieces and send them buttons with Jane Austen quotes.

I can't imagine you doing any of those things, though."


I don't know any of those kids.

Connie said...

Mostly it helps me be more aware of what's going on in the world of the teens and the 20 & 30-somethings in my world. It's pure 'entertainment' for me and I have managed to reconnect with some old friends from our college and seminary days. I don't spend much time on it, but am glad I know about it and how to use it.

CR said...

I don't use it and never have because of identify theft problems I've heard from these kinds of websites.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Do you have any other links to read?

I think Consumer Affairs does a poor job in reporting on Facebook in this article. It leads the reader to believe there is something wrong with Facebook's security.

All of the identity theft problems they cite hinge upon the user "opening the door" to someone they don't know.

I think Facebook is clear when you sign up about privacy levels. I think Consumer Affairs should've just taught users about general Internet safety.

Having spent many an hour removing spyware and viruses from others' computers... I could go on and on.. .but I won't because I'm sleepy.

Trust me... as an trained Internet developer, Facebook is safe.

Gilbert said...

Chris, you're spot-on. As a sysadmin, I can vouch for that. But the original question. What do you do that's "adult"? I'll just pretend I didn't see that post about the guy playing musical vegetables on the blog that brought down the Emergent empire (though they haven't figured that out yet)...

First, add "friends". Not the classic definition. This is a social networking site. You are here to socialize. With people you know and love you, and even some who don't. Think of it this way, in part: you can joyfully engage in back-and-forth discussion or chats, meaningful or otherwise. Kind of like a social dinner, but you can do it in your boxers.

Whoa. I just grossed out your readers. I repent.

Try again...

Add applications, for starters. The Bible Verse Of The Day is good.
You should add the Movie Quiz application. It's a "common ground" application to to see who is like you the most.
Sure, you can play the games on there, as Anne alluded to. You can make it as casual or as formal as you want, but lean casual.

And if you don't like someone, go the extra mile: don't throw a sheep at someone. Throw a Hillary!(tm) at them. If you like someone, you can throw a chocolate cake at them.

See...eccentric...just like you. :-) And look up Gilbert Sebenste on there.

And hey, you're so cutting edge, hip, cool and relevant, that you just beat Rick Warren getting on there. :-)

CR said...

Here's an article about a malicious program masquerading as an application. Some pretty nasty stuff out there.

Assuming there are no nasty programs that can masquerade as anything and steal your data, you have to keep yourself pretty anonymous to avoid identify theft.

If you give your first and/or last name and you are a licensed professional in most licensed professionals I can do a license search and find out where you live and work.

Also, I can find out where you live with and personal info like phone number, etc.

It's not a good idea Dan I would suggest against putting your personal information out there. It's one thing doing it for a Christian blog, it's another thing putting it out for the world to see.

Staci Eastin said...

I forgot about word games. I just added the Scrabulous application on Friday. My husband, while brilliant at whatever computer programming stuff he does at work, is dyslexic, so playing Scrabble with him is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. I plan on playing regularly with a friend from high school - who lives three states away.

DJP said...

< sighs, slaps forehead >

I'm not making myself understood. Those all sound like great fun, but....

When I told my dear wife that I'd been assimilated, she asked, quite appropriately, "And how is this going to help you achieve your goals?"

I made an attempt at an answer, but I'm not sure it was convincing. To either of us.

Kay said...

I go on there very ocassionally to change my little 'status' thingy, and I check friend's pages once in a while to see what news they have (I discovered a friend had got engaged a few weeks ago, and lamented the death of letters and phonecalls - update your facebook page and you don't have to bother speaking to people!)

Usually, I don't bother, because it's much more Ant's kind of thing, and it takes far to long to log out of his account and into mine.

So, um, yeah, it's... well worth it. :-/

Staci Eastin said...
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HeavyDluxe said...

When I told my dear wife that I'd been assimilated, she asked, quite appropriately, "And how is this going to help you achieve your goals?"

Well, I don't think we know your specific goals... So it's hard to answer.

Here's why I'm on FB. You can see if any of it fits you...

1) It simply allows me to keep tabs on friends from around the country. Sometimes this means I'm just a silent observer, but sometimes I'm prompted to reach out and minister/encourage.

2) Many of my old friends aren't Christians, so I can use my page as a way to be a light to them. I had my blog posts (before I quit) pulled into my FB page. I update my 'doing' with what's going on in my ministry at church, etc. It's not much, but it is something.

3) I think keeping an eye on FB is particularly helpful for just seeing what is going on in the world. I don't have a TV and rarely listen to radio... Being on the net in general is a contextualization exercise for me - hopefully in the best and correct use of that word. :)

That's me.

Staci Eastin said...

OK, how's this:

My niece at college is probably not going to call or e-mail and say, "Aunt Staci, I'm really working hard on a paper right now and I'm stressed," but she will put it on Facebook. I like knowing these things.

I also haven't had a chance to meet my nephew's fiance, but I know a little bit about her thanks to Facebook.

Or my friend from high school told me at the last reunion that she was saved, but the fact that she has Benny Hinn listed on Facebook as her favorite author gives me some insight as to what she believes that I hadn't learned in the two times we've seen each other since graduation.

These things wouldn't apply to everyone, though. And I always suggest listening to your wife. :)

Chris Anderson said...

"What do you do that's 'adult'? I'll just pretend I didn't see that post about the guy playing musical vegetables."

Very funny. :)

DJP said...

Chris, don't tell him, but I agree. Best laugh I've had (or am likely to have) today.

LeeC said...

GAH! You too?
What is it with this right now? Facebooks been around a while now and just this week my wife got sucked in, and in church I heard three people discussing thier pages.....

Ok, I'm considering it.

One thing I have noticed is that it "brings all my words together" I can have my professional Jousting and German Longsword friends meet my church friends and see what we do, and how we do it.

I can also look on my wifes page and see at a glance how frineds are doing that I have not seen or heard from in years, guys pastoring churches in the midwest, missionaries ect.

Other than that, my wife took a really banal "How Reformed are you?" quiz that made me ask "Who are you to be the sole arbiter of being Reformed with your papist leavings" ;)

My wife came out being labelled a Five pointer that needs to read more. I say sempre reformatta.

LeeC said...

That should say that Facebook "brings all my worlds together"

Al said...

you can add the RSS feed of your blog (or Pyros') to the "Notes" section of your FB acct - that might help with your wife's question :)