Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama news question

Give me your first impression.

When you see this title —

— what do you think the article is going to be about? Now click.

Surprised? I was. But I shouldn't have been.


CR said...


Do you think that the racism being encountered by the Sen. Obama backers and reported by the Washington Post are hyperboles of actual reality?

DJP said...

I've no doubt there's real racism, of course. But I also have no doubt that the WaPo would love to use this to rinse away the fact that Obama has supported a virulently racist pastor for twenty years.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing that racism just began now. That is, either this is exagerrated or it wasn't reported earlier.

On the other hand, Obama's own gaffes about small town folk and his speech immediately following the "outing" of Jeremiah Wright probably brought some of this on himself.

Anonymous said...

Article was exactly what I thought it would be about and reflected the words I hear being said about Obama. Fortunately I've also encountered many people of good will and intellectual honesty who do their own research.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't so-called "Christians" hate racism and speak out against it just as loudly as they do homosexuality and abortion?

DJP said...

Do you think we've been too easy on Obama playing the race card, dissing his mother and grandmother, snuggling up to virulent racists?

Hm, maybe so.

Well, if I've been unclear: I denounce all that.

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on what you mean by playing the race card. I don't engage in the silly talk or use that silly term.

It's HIS grandmother and if he wants to talk about their behaviors, he CAN.

My Father was a coward, my Grandmother was a thief and most of my aunts and uncles were whoremongers. I have 2 brother and 3 sisters, a most of have different Daddy and Mother combinations. What does that make my parents according to the Oracles of Yahweh? (And if you TRY to defend them, the surely you will can also understand and defend Senator Obama, yes?)

If someone wants to be transparent and talk openly about their family of origin they can.

As well it depends on how you define Senator Obama's racism or racism in general.

He wasn't technically being racist at all for the things he said about his Mother and Grandmother.

If his Grandmother said bigoted things to her grandchild, they were unacceptable and wrong and he (we all) has right to expect that they will do what parents SHOULD do and that is to protect and guard their innocence.

My point is that sin is sin. These sins feed off one another. Senator Obama hasn't attacked anybody, he hasn't attacked this country at all. What he is.. a typical liberal politician. He's not the Messiah, not the anti-Messiah (as if the anti-Messiah is ONE person) or any such thing.

As far as his faith is concerned, he was a babe (at best) in Christ and part time pew sitter at Trinity UCC who was probably NOT there when Jeremiah Wright said those things 8 years ago. He wasn't Jeremiah Wrights right hand man or protege or disciple. He was a high profile member 'on the roll' at Trinity just like MOST politicians posing as carnal believers.

I'm an independent and righteous conservative and so I won't be voting in this election as none of the men, nor many of their associates represent my views, nor are they people that I feel the Father Yahweh would approve of, but so-called Christians should be doing and acting better instead of being so partisan and lackluster in their words and deeds making them indistinguishable from heathens.

That means stop pandering and talking like low-class racist partisan loving unbelievers.