Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Prediction about the "Obama bombshell"

Don't want to bump Tuesday's post prematurely, but I do want to get this on-record. So I'm writing about 1pm PST Tuesday, setting this to post a minute past midnight Wednesday.
You've heard all over the place that Wednesday is supposed to bring a "devastating bombshell" to be dropped on The Obama.

Well, maybe, maybe not.

But I remind you that, again and again, The Obama has out-Clintoned the Clintons. Now, do you remember how, during the Dark Years, every time some mildly negative bit of news was about to come out, the Clinton camp would grossly exaggerate it before release? That way the LSM lapdogs would grab it, run with it, report that it would be horrible, awful, apocalyptic, devastating...

...and then when it actually came out, everyone shrugged and said "Oh. That? That's all?" Massive anticlimax, engineered by the Clinton media-masseuse geniuses.

Well, in this case:
  1. If it's Republicans who have this devastating bombshell, and it's truly devastating, they're burbling, drooling idiots for not sitting on it until after The Obama is formally anointed
  2. If it's Hillary!'s folks who have it, I think they'd have released it earlier
  3. If it's The Obama's folks who have it, it could be a classic Clinton head-fake. In that case, brace for the grand fizzle.
You heard it first, here.

NEXT-DAY UPDATE SUMMARY: fizzzzzzzzzzgrunk.


DJP said...

So far, no bombshell.

Shall we call this the "Bombshell Watch Meta"?

Trinian said...

Obamashell Watch 2008

CR said...

I wish I was Dr. Who and could just jump into a Tardis and go five months into the future and just be done with this election season.

Neil said...

I see your MSM going ga-ga over Mr. Obama today. It's like they have a collective junior high crush on the guy. It's too bad, because if he gets in he's going to be another Jimmy Carter.

CR said...

The actual bombshell(s) might occur if Obama accepts McCain's invitation for at least 10 town hall meetings.

I don't think Obama will accept that. For one, while Obama is charismatic with a teleprompter, he's horrible without it. Just look at the debates between him and Clinton.

He also gets the facts wrong. He one time said that there were 58 states in the Union. He also talked about a great uncle being there in Auschwitz when the Americans freed those in the concentration camps. And that his great uncle came home and stayed in the attic or some room for 6 months because of that experience. (The problem is, it wasn't Americans that freed Auschwitz, it was the Russian army.

Apparently, he also sees dead people because he gave tribute to "fallen heroes" that were there during his Memorial Day speech.

Again, I don't think the dems will let Obama go in front of McCain too many times. But I could be wrong.

Solameanie said...

You could well be right, Dan. Although Hillary is "suspending her campaign," knowing the Clintons as I have known of them since 1978, don't put anything past them in pursuit of their ambitions.

Personally, I wish I could impose TeamPyro rules on Clinton, Obama AND McCain.

"an instant, automatic and permanent ban."