Friday, July 18, 2008

Evangelicals not buying the Dems' "woojie-woojie-woojie?"

Mostly religion-related polls are depressing, for a Bible-believer. So it's nice to see one that is at least a little encouraging.

Apparently not too many churchgoing evangelicals (which should be, but isn't, a tautology) are buying the Dems' duplicitous outreach attempts. Nor are they buying the a moral hierarchy that puts the could-be/maybe/some-think of "global warming" over the immediate realities of jamming "gay" "marriage" down our throats, and of the torture-killings of inconvenient or imperfect babies.

And that's all a good thing.

Now, some more random thoughts prompted by the article:
  1. I really wish pundits would stop saying/writing that McCain "is generally reticent about his own faith." First, nobody is really "reticent about his own faith." How you live and speak is your faith. This idea that someone can have a public life without ever referring to Christ or the Word of God, and then suddenly in some candid moment unveil his intensely private but deeply-held convictions — sorry, but baloney. How you speak and live is what you believe (Luke 6:43-45). So, second, I already know enough about McCain's "faith." It is in no way compelling to me. And finally, third, if McCain — who is the worse of the two relevant candidates running for president today, excepting only Barak Obama — were suddenly to claim that Jesus has been his Lord for decades, and the Bible is determinate for all his thoughts, values, decisions, and actions... I'd be insulted. Not appealed-to.
  2. BTW, does anyone know when McCain plans to start campaigning?
  3. So far, has there ever been a lamer campaign that McCain's?
  4. I've said it before, I'll say it again: given what a complete insult Obama is, this election is John McCain's to lose — and, by jingo, he's the man who could do it!
  5. The title's "woojie-woojie-woojie" is a reference to a very old cartoon, where (IIRC) a male frog tries to woo a reluctant female frog with the eloquent come-on, "Woojie-woojie-woojie?" She replies, pointedly, "No woojie-woojie-woojie!" And now, you know that.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

As a former political junkie, I'm finding this election cycle absolutely surreal.

Sam said...

Astute political commentary coupled with an unbelievably obscure cartoon reference: ain't blogging great?
BTW, if McCain's campaign gets any duller a funeral might break out. Of course, at least some funerals provide you with stirring bagpipe renditions of Amazing Grace.

DJP said...

Where else can you get up-to-the-minute commentary from a Christian perspective, combined with X-treme old fogeyism?

Stefan Ewing said...

Between Barna and the way the Wallis-Warren crowd talks, you'd think the "evangelicals" would be all over Obama. Eh, not so much.

Pretty cheeky headline: "Left Behind."

Highland Host said...

Thankfully many evangelicals still believe that life in the womb is still life, and a marriage requires a man and a woman. Funny that. I wonder where they could have got it? Of course we ought to be concerned about environmental issues, but AS WELL AS, not instead of, the abortion and fake 'marriage' argument. In the UK our government called them 'civil partnerships' and insisted they weren't marriages. Guess what the media calls them? "Gay marriages".

While it is possible for a man to be reticent about his faith in a 'not speaking about it all the time' way (which is good, as speaking about it all the time in a politician is a cause for concern), if his faith doesn't inform how he lives and votes, sorry, he's not being reticent, he's just expressing himself. I mean, William Wilberforce wanted to abolish slavery because he was an evangelical. Are we supposed to think that was a bad thing now? That's what the political class think on the whole.

DJP said...

Quite right, HH. See, I think we actually know about McC's "faith." I think he's "reticent" about speaking of it like I'm "reticent" about speaking of my knowledge of auto mechanics. That is, I don't have any! So there's not much to talk about.

Gilbert said...

Being a news junkie (but without cable or satellite---I'm probably not missing much, having Internet access), I have to admit I have no clue what his campaign strategy is, other than shoot himself in the foot. A few weeks ago, he endeared himself to the youth of America (and X-treme old fogies) by bragging that he never uses the Internet.

And quite honestly--no offense---I'm tired of candidates talking about their "faith". It should be out even before he/she announces the candidacy...not parade in it. If asked, of course, tell it! But, using God as a plug for your campaign...dangerous. HH is spot on here.

And I am also tired about hearing the environment, environment, environment. This socialist-deluded voting bloc is looking for the next way to plunge us into a nanny state even further, since its government is "god". Make no mistake about it: conservationism is fine and welcome; environmentalism is evil. Think God didn't plan on having 8 billion people here? McCain? What say you?

I can't give a lot to who I want because our current government takes so much away from us. McCain could slam a home run out of the park with this alone. And yet, he doesn't bother to swing at even the softballs lobbed at him!

It is summer, though, so give it another month when people are back from vacations. Then I think things will pick up with McCain. Or else he's done.

Robert said...

So the nearly 20 years McCain has been going to North Phoenix Baptist are all for show? (We used to live in Phoenix and went there some.) Is he what I want a candidate to be? No. He was my fourth choice among the Republicans. But "doesn't have any" faith seems like a pretty broad statement. On what grounds do you refute his claim to be a Christian?

John said...

Do you want to know about spelling errors? They seem to stick out on such a well written and presented blog. The word "candidatse."

DJP said...

Eek! Thanks, fixed.