Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wonderful weekend, icky week

It's been a challenging start; I know none of you is a stranger to the phenom.

Sunday was just a joy, as I was off preaching in a new (to me) church with my dear wife and youngest sons in tow. That was a complete pleasure: meeting brothers and sisters, spending a delightful afternoon with one family.

This church has such a rich history, and such potential for a rich future. They were founded in 1916 by a missionary who landed at that port on the Sacramento River, and preached the gospel. I learned this from talking with a brother who's been a member of that church since 1946! In California terms, that makes it a really historic church. (Readers in Scotland will kindly not laugh and point at my state.)

Everything about the day was a happy blessing.

And here's something at which some of you will laugh: I really enjoyed that they had a stained-glass window. I admit it: I really like stained glass. I can't even remember the last time I preached in a church with stained glass. For that matter, I can't remember the last time I sat in a church with stained glass. It was probably in the early eighties.

This could bring up the whole subject of church architecture, in which I will someday take 1500 words to say that it isn't essential (meeting in a field can be more church than meeting in the finest building), but it isn't nothing.

Then Monday here at work — eesh! Some Mondays are Monday-er than other Mondays. This was an exceptionally Monday Monday. And this week, at my current employment, I have the job nobody on our team wants: working the email queue. It will shred my brain, and making blogging more difficult.

It's especially nasty, though. Following being able to do what I really delight in, I come to... this!

But then I'm sure you all know it. And I think it'll help me be a better pastor for having experienced it myself (2 Corinthians 1:3-6).


CR said...

I was wondering why you were so "ooo aaaaa" about the stained glass? Okay, so now I know, you really like stained glass.

DJP said...

It's true. I admit it. I'm both ooh and ahh about stained glass.

Colloquist said...

Even for us non-preaching folk, coming back to earth on Monday is sometimes a nice soft landing and other times a big thud. Praying for your brain to not be too awfully shredded.

Do a google image search of Chagall windows Zurich. (Marc Chagall painted windows for a medieval church in Zurich - pictures can't do it justice, but it might lift you up a bit.)

How about taking up stained glass work as a hobby? My grandfather did, and I cherish even the simplest things he made for us.

threegirldad said...

"...working the email queue..."

Ugh. About as joyous as walking barefoot across broken glass. You have my sympathies.

Here's to your Tuesday being more wonderfuler than you could imagine.

Anonymous said...

What does a shredded brain look like? Might it resemble stained glass in the proper light conditions?

Just tryin' to tie this all together...

Short Thoughts said...

Algebraically, there must be some expressible proportionality to the spiritual uplift of a good Lord's day and the tonnage of bricks that hitteth you on Monday once back at work.

Mike Westfall said...

Sorry to hear your Monday was so Mondayish. There are times when I feel like the whole work week has become Mondayfied. I hope you can avoid the Mondayfication of your whole work week, so that you can avoid the oppression of being chronically Mondayized.

Me, I try to remember Who is ultimately in charge, and just rejoice in this present Mondayment.

DJP said...

You make a good point, MM.

Monday is more than just a square on the calendar.

It can move around.

Kay said...

I am entirely spoilt for stained glass round these here parts.

But I confess, my first thought on seeing that picture is that you'd been camping. Then I realized it was a concrete building, and the tent pegs and guy-ropes would have to be enormous...