Friday, September 05, 2008

Douglas Wilson thinks aloud (more) about Palin

Pastor Wilson Biblically considers at some length voting Republican (not a big one for me), women ruling, and Palin's care for her children. It's a very good read.

It is as if Wilson heard my very brief, bare-bones response to my daughter's question last night, and filled it out, fleshed it out, chewed it over, and made far more sense of it.


Kim said...
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Kim said...

Okay, that first one wasn't right. I need to try again :-)

I think the principle of care of children that Wilson pointed out is affected by the special needs of two of her children. The reality is that a Down's Syndrom child will require extra attention. And while young Miss Palin may be soon to married, I am wondering if perhaps a female influence might be more needed, being that she's tackling this situation at a very tender age. Hopefully, her future mother-in-law can be a help to her.

But I am working hard at following the request of my hubby not to be judgmental or gossipy.

CR said...

There are two biblically operating principles here: distinction of the roles and women must be keeper of their homes (how that should manifest itself in this information and microwave age of the 21st century - I'll let the married families discuss that).

I don't think that any distinction of roles is being violated here. The question is, is she reneging on her duty to keep her home. Honestly, I have no clue. I don't know if my two female bosses have been reneging on their homes (they are not not Christian).

But, here is the reality: either Obama or McCain will be President. My vote will be for the ticket that will be least harmful to the Christian worldview as it applies to the political arena. My vote is not on who is most accurately living the Christian life.

So, while I appreciate Wilson's musings and I think it's a good discussion that the church should have as in our culture the roles are very often blurred and perhaps women are not keepers of their homes, whether Palin is a keeper of her home, will not affect my vote. I hope she is a keeper of her home, but I'm not going to vote for Obama because she is not a keeper of her home, nor am I going to waste my vote on a 3rd party because she may not be a keeper of her home.

Anonymous said...

"(they are not not Christian)"

So does that mean they are Christian? :)

CR said...


Gem said...

Hi CR,

I noticed that you mentioned several times the call of women to be "keepers of the home" which is found in Titus 2:5. The Greek word translated “homemaker” (NKJV) or “housekeeper” is oikouros. This is a compound word from oikos- house, household, family; and ouros- a guard, be “ware”, guardian, a watcher, a warden. Let this sink in for a moment: the word ” oikouros” translated “keepers at home” <3626> carries the meaning of watchman.

Does our word “housekeeper” and “homemaker” really capture the impact of the God breathed Greek there? Does “keeper”/ouros- (a guard, be “ware”, guardian, a watcher, a warden) sound like it refers to domestic service?

In Genesis 2:15 we find another “keeper”:

Gen 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

In this case, we are looking at the Old Testament and a Hebrew Word. The Hebrew word in Gen 2:15 (adam’s assignment)= 08104 shamar {shaw-mar’} AV - keep 283, observe 46, heed 35, keeper 28, preserve 21, beware 9, mark 8, watchman 8, wait 7, watch 7, regard 5, save 2,

Can you see similarity in meaning of the Hebrew word “shamar” translated “keeper” and the Greek word “ouros” translated “keeper”? (I have hot linked the words there to a Greek Lexicon in case you would like to look more at them)

So, you see, "keeper of the home" is a protective role. She is the moral gatekeeper. The media made much over Palin's questioning the librarian, being skeptical of intrusive morally loose sex education, and going after her renegade bil (who shot a child with a tazer). I don't see this as evil censorship. I see this as evidence that Sarah Palin is a fine "KEEPER" in the best Biblical sense of the word.

BTW, I looked at your profile. You look like a fine young man and you are well spoken. If I was your mother, I would be very proud of you. May God bless you, guide your life's journey, and perhaps-some day- bless you with a Proverbs 31 wife and "oikouros"...

CR said...

Thanks for breaking that down Gem. I have not done an in-depth study on "Keepers of the Home." I have about 3 reliable different Greek Lexicons, but work has been a bear. But you've provided some interesting perspectives. I know there are a good and genuine believers that have serious concerns about voting for Palin because they feel she is violating her role as keeper of their home.

They're not liberals in hiding but just have genuine concerns. Maybe this is a subject that Dan will take on, or perhaps he already has and I've completely missed.

Thanks your encouragement also.

Gem said...

Hi CR,
I wasn't sure you would see my comment since the discussion on this thread was a few days old but I'm glad you did :)

So, the Bible has oikouros = "KEEPER of the home" in Titus 2. I hope Daniel will not mind if I continue on this tangent a bit more and point out the other three occurances of ouros KEEPER in the NT?

John 10:3- of a door-KEEPER 2377 thuroros, from 2374 and ouros (a watcher);; n m
When one looks at the Strong’s lexicon definition “a doorkeeper, porter, a male or female janitor” does that role sound important, powerful, or authoritative? Click here to read about the doorkeeper in John 10- several parallel versions. In the context of this passage, what door is the door-keeper guarding? How high of a role/calling is this door-keeper’s job?

John 20:15- “a KEEPER of the garden” 2780 kepouros {kay-poo-ros’} from 2779 and ouros (a warden);; n m
No less than Jesus Himself is referred to as kepouros/“KEEPER of the garden” in John 20:15. God's Word is rich and significant even down to this tiny detail.

And last but not least! I can't tell you how deeply I was touched to realize that GOD is the KEEPER above all:
1 Peter 1:5 "Who are kept <5432> by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."
where <5432>= phroureo- describes God and means the “oureo”(KEEPER/watcher/guard) “before; above”