Thursday, September 04, 2008

MSM/DNC failin' at borkin' Palin

Mark Steyn said it well, as usual:
I would like to thank the US media for doing such a grand job this last week of lowering expectations by portraying Governor Palin - whoops, I mean Hick-Burg Mayor Palin - as a hillbilly know-nothing permapregnant ditz, half of whose 27 kids are the spawn of a stump-toothed uncle who hasn't worked since he was an extra in Deliverance.

How's that narrative holding up, geniuses? Almost as good as your "devoted husband John Edwards" routine?
How? Not so great.

Alaska's governor Sarah Palin gave a terrific speech at the GOP convention last night. Fogbound liberal heads are exploding across the map, reduced to sputtering inanities in the face of what seems to be The Genuine Article: a conviction politician, whose natural political instincts and rhetorical skills are brought into the service of pursuing goals and holding to values. They don't know what to make of her, they're far too arrogant to admit error and re-think (let alone reverse course), so they're stuck with making fools of themselves.

Fred Barnes has it exactly right with his opening words:
That was easy. Sarah Palin delivered what may have been the most important speech ever by a vice presidential candidate and made it look like she'd been performing on the national political stage for years. And she made John McCain look good for having picked her as his running mate.
In this way, she contrasts favorably with President Bush. Although W will be remembered as both an accomplished and visionary president (— pow! pow! more heads explode), he is a terrible speaker. Terrible. I once wrote that a definition of mixed emotions would be (A) having the position of Presidential speech-writer... (B) for George Bush. That man can take a wonderful line and strangle it to merciless, sputtering death.

But not Palin. She made all the lines her own, delivered them with conviction. It was a beautiful thing. If you missed it, you can find the video here (no responsibility for ads there; here is the text). It's all the more impressive considering that the teleprompter reportedly failed her.

So I think we're going to see — arguable have already seen here, in nascent form — the birth of a new pathology: PDR (Palin Derangement Syndrome). Roger Kimball observes:
Sarah Palin has acted like a sort of locoweed on the media and Team Obama. She stunned them, not into silence (alas) but into a frenzy of groundless vituperation.
They're left granting that Palin did a terrific job, granting virtually every single point, and then simply stubbornly insisting that it's not good enough. Not very persuasive. Nor is Keith Olbermann, intoning “People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.” Uh... yeah, I guess they will. Thanks for that. Though the argument's been pretty well dismantled, they'll keep up the "unqualified" line, hoping no one notices how badly that reflects on their #1 candidate. (Also, Janet Daley reminds us that "Lady Thatcher was dismissed as a "grocer's daughter" by people who called themselves egalitarian.")

William Kristol noted that a star is born. He called last night a stunning success, and says that the predictable and increasingly vicious attacks will fail.

Daniel Henninger is one of many who's nailed it:

Sarah's story is the stuff of Erin Brockovich movies and full-page newspaper spreads. Except: She's "pro-life," is a "Christian," and unlike all the white guys who came in second, Sarah looks like she might help get a Republican elected.

It may be possible to pack more downward spin in what is being written about her, but modern media records are being set. Sarah has to be stopped because Sarah looks like trouble.
The Boston Herald is right that she rose above the feeding frenzy, observing that "No lab specimen has ever been put under the microscope that Sarah Palin has been subjected to."

Beyond serious question, Palin is a breath of fresh air on the scene. Daniel Henninger says it well:
Sarah Palin looks like the old model's first real political challenge. They will be gunning for her. Good luck with that.
"Good luck" indeed. One particularly pities Joe Biden.

Last night can't have been a good night's sleep for him. He's in a rough position for any liberal man, particularly one already afflicted with such a bad case of logorrhea.

Seriously, what is he going to do? I think Biden's instinct will be to talk down to "the little lady."

That would really be a bad idea. One whiff of condescension, and he'll be having supper through a straw (politically and in public life) for a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis!

Thanks for putting it all together.

DJP said...

Whew! You're welcome. Took all morning, among interruptions and then coding nightmares.

If I were McCain's writer, I'd have him come out tonight and, after an opening greeting or two, say:

"The DNC and the MSM are terribly upset about my choice of running-mate... well, you've met her now. What do you think?"

(five minutes for screaming applause)

"Me, too. You know, frankly... I'm seriously thinking that the missus and I could just spend the next 60 days in Arizona, working on my cabinet picks and first budget, and let Sarah and her beautiful family go on the stump...."

(five minutes for laughter and applause)

And so forth.

CR said...

Does this mean there will be a rule no. 5: No Palin-Derangement Syndrome (or related) rants?

DJP said...

I'll pray about it.

Trinian said...

I tell ya, listening to NPR this morning was the funniest thing I've heard in weeks.
What does it look like when the media really REALLY wants to discredit somewhat but can't come up with a shred of anything particularly useful? It's such a beautiful frothing rabidness that has nothing to latch onto.

DJP said...

(NOTE TO SELF: look for Tasmanian Devil wav-file later)

Connie said...

There were some really great moments in her speech last night, but I think my all-time favorite--and most quotable--is, "Do you know the difference between a Hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick!". Yip, I like 'er so far--and it's been a very long time since I've been truly excited about politics.

Fred Butler said...

My favorite moment, as I noted in my blog on the subject: when her youngest daughter was smoothing down the hair of her new baby brother by licking her hand and rubbing it on his head. You can't get any more family values than that.


Dawg Doc said...

Did you say "accomplished" and "visionary" and Bush in the same sentence? Step AWAY FROM THE KOOL-AID PITCHER VERY SLOWLY!

CR said...

I was just thinking, this ticket with the nomination of Palin could actually be a stroke of genius in more ways than one. McCain is apparently going to give a "bi-partisan" (can you say gag) speech, tonight. Whatever, Obama says he wants to reach across the aisle when he hasn't lifted a finger to do so.

I realize McCain needs to appeal to independents with "bi-partisanship." If anyone can do it, it's McCain, he's got that independent streak, I suppose.

But nominating Palin sealed the conservative vote for McCain. McCain calling for "bi-partisanship" in this worse Republican year may be exactly what is needed for Republicans to hold the White House.

We'll see.

DJP said...

Do I also have to step away from reality, with you? Do I have to forget (with you) a President who freed a country from a dictatorship, and actually tried to reform Social Security (remember? "third rail of politics"?) and develop energy resources?

I'm saying no thanks. Christians try to develop a fondness for reality.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Sarah has just hit a mega grand slam! That speech was brilliant! I am so jazzed. I was up in Alaska just a couple of years ago at a wedding in Wassila. Unbeknownst to me that the family who married into my wife's family grew up with Sarah and still communicates with her today. They had her over in the very living room I was in. Anybody wanna shake my hand? ;-)

I think Sarah has the liberal media and the Obama campaign pushed back on their heels. If they keep the offensive up it will be difficult for the libs to recover from this.

I am very anxious to see how Palin does against Biden. That will be a battle of the ages. Yeee Haaaaw!

CR said...

Dan: Although W will be remembered as both an accomplished and visionary president snip snip a President who freed a country from a dictatorship.

Definitely visionary and it was more than freeing a country from dictatorship.

The Bush administration understood the distinction between the relevant importance of Afghanistan vs. Iraq. Iraq is in the middle of the Middle East, the heart of the Arab world in the heart of the Sunni Shiite divide.

The Bush administration understood that Iraq is the only state that can serve as a bulwark against Iranian expansion. It has one of the largest reserves of oil. It is the cradle of civilization. Many think of it as desert, it's actually green. Iraq is an important country and will play an important role in the international community. (Afghanistan - it's major export is opium, it is basically mountains.)

Iraq was not a mistake as from a geostrategic perspective, it is more important certainly than Afghanistan.

The Bush administration also understood that Osama bin Laden and other terrorist chiefs had long identified Iraq has the central front of al-Qaeda’s war on terror. They had staked everything on Iraq and have lost big time. American forces allied with Sunnis (who initially welcomed al-Qaeda) to destroy al-Qaeda.

The Bush administration also understood that a victory on the war on terror cannot be done with a strategy in Afghanistan alone but instead of a Sunni alliance which has made it clear that it wants to ally with the US against al-Qaeda.

Mike Westfall said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Westfall said...

Her use of rhetoric was excellent, in my opinion. Definitely a Grand Slam.

But the Hockey-Mom/Pit-Bull joke was either not original, or had been leaked out somehow. I had heard it earlier in the day on a local radio talk show, and apparently it had been making its way around the internet for a few days.

Nevertheless, Team Obama bin-Biden must feel like Scotty and Benny trying to retrieve the Babe Ruth ball from Mr. Mertle's yard.

Dawg Doc said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DJP said...

Rule 4 still applies, Rob. We're all really sorry about your issues, hope you find help.

Robert said...

Dan, it's not PDS....more like Palin Mental Syndrome (you do the letters!)

Dawg Doc said...

Oh, so stating facts that disagree with your view of things counts as Bush Derangement Syndrome? Maybe you should start a church and you could fill it with people who agree with you (theologically and politically) so they could just nod their heads and say "amen" to everything you say!!!

Sorry, Dan, but I took off my rose colored glasses a long time ago.

Brian said...

Yeah, we're all so excited about this ticket its like the Republicans have all been in a week long orgasim....

Anonymous said...

I visit this site from time to time and felt compelled to respond to your Palin post. You’re right: those on the left are outraged by Palin’s speech. If you can table your peculiar amusement for a moment, perhaps I can help explain the outrage. The dems are outraged for two reasons: (1) blatant deceitfulness about her policies; and (2) unprovoked character attacks on Obama.

Wrt deceitfulness, one does not need to search very far to discover she supported the “Bridge to Nowhere” (she kept the money, too), she took $27M in Federal Government handouts for a city not much larger than most Los Angeles-based high schools, she took a city with a balanced budget and left it with a multi-million deficit, executed unnecessary pet-projects (e.g., city gym) that left the city with a lawsuit that lasted seven years. Wrt to her popularity, that is compelling. I’d be excited about that as well… until I found out why. Alaskan’s are happy with her because she gave out large rebate checks to every individual (~$1200 iirc). The state has a massive surplus. But how? There seem to be two reasons for that: (1) Alaska received massive Federal handouts (i.e., taxes YOU pay, Dan); (2) Alaskan taxes the oil companies. The tax revenue helps the state and, in this case, a small percentage was given back to Alaskan citizens. It is interesting to note that other large oil producing states like Texas and California don’t tax oil companies. Also, it was a previous democratic state congress in Alaska that put this oil company tax in place. So, maybe the GOP might want to think twice about how great this is since it’s a policy that isn’t exactly based upon an open market and created by (gasp!) democrats. Pretty bold lying… and coming from a Christian no less.

Wrt to character attacks, she (and Rudy G) belittled (to put in mildly) community organizers. In case you, or you followers, don’t know that a community organizer is, they are thousands of people who work long hours for little pay in some of the toughest neighborhoods. They do so trying to assist the poorest among us to pull themselves out of the muck with a helping hand… kind of like those good people from thousands of churches who go down to Mexico to build those in need homes. And Palin made fun of that. Tearing another person down does not make Plain’s experience look better. It just makes her look bitter and resentful…. and far from a loving Christian who see helping their fellow citizen as honorable.

Perhaps the liberal / conservative argument will continue to be feudally askew with one party primarily (though not exclusively) pushing policy and the other nearly exclusively pushing culture and religion.

I wish Palin speech was about something. I would have loved to hear a plan. But it would seem that her role is exactly what she says it is: to bit a “Pitbull with lipstick.” I find it amusing that is why a “Christian” is running for VP. She is a pawn to ignite the religious right and attack women who wanted a female in office regardless of their political views.

Shifting gears… don’t hold your breath about liberal heads popping on Bush being seen as a visionary or accomplished president. 80% of 300 million is an awfully big number. All I know that on January 20, 2009, there will be over 500K people dead that were alive on January 20, 2001.

I’ll take my answer off the air. I fully expect to be attacked in the traditional “Calvidispiebaptogelical” way… or whatever they taught you at that online seminar school of yours.

DJP said...

Talbot's doing its Master's course online now? Cool! Wish they'd been doing that in the '80s, when I did a 3-year course in 2.5 years, edited the school paper, taught before I graduated, and managed a >3.9 GPA!

But then, I'm not sure Al Gore had much invented the internet back them.

All of which, while vividly displaying your personal issues, casts doubt on the rest of your "facts."

Yes, those are the MSM/DNC talking-points, as they do their best damage-control. I don't think it's working. (Oh, for future drive-bys: you did leave out the one about her hair, her outfit, and their handing the baby around. But hey, maybe another person, or a sock-puppet, can try those ones!)

Palin's criticisms of Obama were dead on-target. That's why they hurt: the gas must be let out of that baloon, and she had just the pin. Obama has a ZERO resume, to put it generously, and what he does have is, well, ZERO.

But here's a woman who actually has a resume, and the Left attempts to belittle it. Then when she returns-fire, we're subjected to the usual, articulate, thoughtful, well-reasoned liberal response: "Wahh."

Palin's a threat because she's accomplished, smart, and walks her talk. One person unhinges the Left and their arguments: a (A) woman who (B) is pro-life and (C) has provided living-it-out examples by carrying to term a Down syndome child and supporting her unwed, pregnant daughter, who (D) supports the war in Iraq and (E) has a son going to fight there himself. People like her aren't supposed to exist (the MSM chants), yet there she is.

There isn't any rational doubt how Bush will be seen by the clearer eyes of history, once he's not perceived as a threat by the power-mad, blame-America-first PoMo left. It will follow the example of Reagan. When the Left saw Reagan as a threat, he was a doddering, senile, dunderheaded fool. Then when he died, the grudging admission of his accomplishments began.

But the rest of us already knew that.

Like we already know about the flawed but visionary and accomplished current President.

Meanwhile, hope you find help and healing for your PDR and BDR issues. You had your freebie here.

Unless you're, you know, a sock-puppet. In which case you've had more than one.

CR said...

What is a sock-puppet?

CR said...

Ok, never mind, I'm operating on very little sleep.

DJP said...

For any who wonder, sock-puppet.

CR said...

OK. I'm seriously embarrassed, I thought you meant, literally, those sock puppets you see on TV.

I like Stan's rendition of identifying people whose profiles are not available: he says Joe Lunchbucket (whose profile is not available). I'm going to steal that.