Monday, October 27, 2008

Gianna Jessen: “If Barack Obama Had His Way I Would Not Be Here: The Testimony of a Survivor of Saline Abortion”

Obama's "Let the baby die" policy would have killed Gianna Jessen. Blessedly for her, her mother didn't attempt to abort her in Barack Obama's Illinois, and she survived. Here, she has a word for Senator Obama:

(Lest a drive-by try to deflect the conversation by echoing Obama's lying evasions, they have already been dealt with.)

Gianna is going to be interviewed today, 12-1pm PST. From their notice:

Listen to this live interview on "Iron Sharpens Iron"
MONDAY, OCT. 27th, 3-4pm EDT
in New York & Connecticut on WNYG-1440AM Radio
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