Friday, October 17, 2008

Unapologetic apology

I know that a number of my readers, who I do love, aren't that "into" politics. And there've been a lot of politically-themed posts lately.

I'm sorry that this falls for you during the month of Pyro being "dark." Try to understand: it is the last full month before America's Presidential election, and I do believe this is a very important, pivotal election in our nation's history. I'm a Christian first, but I'm also a patriot and a father. Both compel me to great interest and concern.

And I've explained numerous times (like here and here) why I think it important that Christians be involved, as Christians, in their nation's life.

Thanks for your patience, and hang in there. Skip the political posts if you must; I promise there will continue to be the other things I regularly do as well. Or feel free to scan the archives.

Now on with it.


JackW said...

I for one am glad you’re speaking up as you do in a Biblical thoughtful way, because there is a lot of lunacy going on out there and Christians seem to be a bit confused by it all. Like voting third party because they think Gov. Palin is usurping her husband’s headship or thinking that they know God’s will is to punish our nation and since Obama would do that, it must be God’s will and so they are voting for …

So keep it up … a little sanity during the zany season has got to help.

DJP said...

Thanks, Jack; I appreciate it.

Like voting third party because they think Gov. Palin is usurping her husband’s headship....

Yep. As I see it, it's things like that that earn us the caricature that Fundies are too interested in other people's business. Where does the Bible say how many hours a woman must spend in the four walls of her house? How many did "mother" Deborah? The woman in Proverbs 31:10-31?

Why are men exempted? There are at least as many verses about fathers teaching and training their children. How many hours a week are they allowed to work? Are we OK with how much time Spurgeon, Edwards, and the others spent in those four walls?

I mean, it is our business to decide how we think other families divide their energies... right?

Chris H said...

Ooh! I get to notice the typo first! "Their," when "there" is the proper word, last paragraph, first sentence.

I enjoy your political stuff, quite honestly.

DJP said...



And such a boneheaded one!

Thanks, Chris.

CR said...

Maybe you could have named your post, "My apology." But see, it would have been a use of the term apology like we use with a "defense." Just a thought. :=)

threegirldad said...

I'm with Jack. Please don't stop.

Stefan Ewing said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement, Dan.

As Christians who have a privilege our first-century predecessors did not have (the right to vote), we should all take our responsibilities as citizens seriously. So thank you for prompting us to do just that.

And you've opened my eyes. I have no trouble seeing the liberal bias in much of the Canadian media (although some mainstream news sources up here are reliably right-of-centre), but I didn't really see the liberal bias in the American media until you started pointing it out on an almost daily basis recently.

That said, I used to be a political junkie, and reading too much political news now just takes me back to a time before I was saved, and before I learned that ultimately, nothing in this world matters, other than Jesus Christ and what He did on the Cross.

...And I'm just relieved now that our own prime minister survived against the tide that appears to be sweeping this continent. It's a vindication for me (who grew up in a liberal household) that it is possible to be both proudly Canadian and conscientiously conservative (and if you lived in this country, you'd know what a shocking revelation that is).

Our own church made a point of not advising how anyone should vote (except to do it in good conscience as Christians), both on theological principles (being reformed, but historically Anabaptist), and because openly advocating one party over another might needlessly alienate those who are not-yet-believers are new believers.

So please do keep it up, but the occasional non-political post would be very much appreciated (like the one on Joseph that you just put up).

Soli Deo gloria!

Stefan Ewing said...

"not-yet-believers or new believers," not "...are new believers."

Gilbert said...


Because after you read this:

You can say, "I told you so". And that's just the economic consequences. The devaluing of life under a liberal Congress, House and Senate would be just terrifying.

candy said...

Dan. I appreciate the posts. I think we are on the edge of a cliff, and you are a watchman shouting "Beware!" The more information that goes out across the internet, the better. It is worse to keep silent in my opinion. We know God is sovereign, but that did not stop a group of Christian pastors like Bonhoffer from Germany, acting on their convictions.

BTW. I am so glad that someone else caught the their/there error before I read it. A real pet peeve I have with my students! That, and using less instead of fewer on measurable units.

David said...

I'm a Christian first, but I'm also a patriot ...

Not to put words in your mouth, but perhaps you meant, "I'm a Christian first, therefore I'm also a patriot ..."

That's what I would have said, anyway.

Kay said...

I wasn't early enough for the typo, but I'm strangely warmed to see the evidence of it in the comment thread :-D

I like the political posts. It's a nice antidote to the BBC Obama love I'm stuck with in the UK, and it means I don't have to read some of the more irksome stuff on LGF and Michelle whats-her-face.