Friday, November 14, 2008

Hither and thither: 11/14/08

Notables from the week:
  • Breaking years of precedent, even Billy Graham won't act as Obama's advisor, given Obama's radical enthusiasm for making babykilling easy and unrestricted. Does that leave The One without advice? Not at all. Obama's reportedly been chatting up New Hampshire homosexual activist bishop Vicki Gene Robinson.
  • Meanwhile, Brian Maclaren, Tony Campolo, and Jim Wallis all said, "If he'll just love me, I'll do anything for that man. Anything!"
  • Okay, I totally made that last one up. But you weren't sure for a second, there, were you? Be honest.
  • In a survey titled Who are the Obamagelicals?, unsettling formal similarities and significant differences surfaced. Both pray (though I'd point to Proverbs 28:9 on that one). Both (formally) take the Bible as God's word. But asked to rank priorities, Obamagelicals give the top three as economy, Iraq war, reducing poverty; and McCain voters said abortion, character, and cleaning up government. Differences are starker on the Bible. Well more than half of the Obamagelicals say "the Bible is divinely inspired but not everything in it is the literal word of God," while 74.7% of McCain evangelicals affirmed the Bible as the word of God. (See also Different worldview.)
  • Somewhat more reassuring is the news from Barna, who found that"88% [of evangelicals] voted for Sen. McCain, compared to just 11% for Sen. Obama. The 88% is statistically identical to the 85% of evangelicals who backed George W. Bush in 2004." So The One's campaign of deceptive Christianward outreach was not as effective as hoped.
  • Read what happened with an 8th-grader put the tolerance of Obamabots to the test in her government reeducation institution.
  • You'll all be shocked! shocked! to learn that MSM coverage of California's Proposition 8 has been biased in favor of homosexuals. No, really! I know, I know, I'm just as gobsmacked as you! And, in a similar vein....
  • Remember that I said, "I wonder how many Obama revelations will start seeing the light now?" Well well, lo and behold! Suddenly the MSM has found themselves capable of communicating with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers! And lo and behold, it turns out that he and The One actually did "pal around," just as Palin was vilified (by the MSM wing of The One's campaign) for observing! Yes, Obama was not entirely truthful in dismissing Ayers airily as just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” No, terrorist Ayers writes, “We had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends, held an initial fund-raiser at my house, where I’d made a small donation to his earliest political campaign.” Now that their candidate has won, "it's okay for Ayers to surface now." In fact, look for the suddenly-miraculously-visible terrorist/Obama pal on Good Morning America. But wait. There's more.
  • I'll Retire to Bedlam Alert #479. And yet, in spite of all this (and so much more), al-Reuters (Worst News Service Ever{TM}) has the industrial-strength gall to clear its throat, somberly look the world in the eye, and announce its Unimpeachable Scientific Finding that there was really no bias in election reporting. I am not making this up. So, who are you going to believe? Reuters, or your lying eyes and brain?
  • In related news, a survey of skunks found that 9 out of 10 not only do not think they smell bad, but in fact describe their odor as "delightfully minty."
  • At the same time, now that it doesn't matter (because they got their candidate elected, woo-hoo), and in the hopes that we'll forget before the next election, the Washington Post (!) admits that, well, maybe, maybe yes, there was just a tad, just an eensy-beensy bit, just a skosh of Obamaward "tilt." Really? Do tell! As for me? I'm not forgetting. You?
  • My son Matthew points me to a grim but likely forecast of our coming Obama-nation.
  • BTW, my unnamed and highly-placed source says that unnamed but highly-placed sources in the McCain campaign who try to tear down Sarah Palin are gutless, whiney, childish, spineless weiner dogs. (No offense meant to the hardworking weiner dogs of America.)


Truth Unites... and Divides said...

Good collection of posts.

On a sidenote, although I'm not Catholic, I don't object to this priest's guidance of his parishioners:

"A priest at St. Mary's Catholic Church in downtown Greenville has told parishioners that those who voted for Barack Obama placed themselves under divine judgment because of his stance on abortion and should not receive Holy Communion until they've done penance.

The Rev. Jay Scott Newman told The Greenville News on Wednesday that church teaching doesn't allow him to refuse Holy Communion to anyone based on political choices, but that he'll continue to deliver the church's strong teaching on the "intrinsic and grave evil of abortion" as a hidden form of murder.

Both Democratic president-elect Obama and Joe Biden, the vice president-elect, support legal abortions. Obama has called it a "divisive issue" with a "moral dimension," and has pledged to make women's rights under Roe v. Wade a "priority" as president. He opposes a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court decision.

At issue for the church locally and nationwide are exit polls showing that 54% of self-described Catholics voted for Obama, as well as a growing rift in the lifestyle and voting patterns between practicing and non-practicing Catholics.

In a letter posted on St. Mary's website, Newman wrote that "voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life alternative exists constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."

Catholics who did so should be reconciled to God through penance before receiving communion, "lest they eat and drink their own condemnation," Newman wrote, echoing a I Corinthians admonition for anyone who partakes "without recognizing the body of the Lord."

The response from parishioners has been supportive by a margin of 9 to 1, Newman said. He also cited Scripture in urging parishioners to pray for Obama and cooperate with him wherever conscience permits.

Stephen Gajdosik, spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Charleston, told The News that calling parishioners who voted for a candidate who supports legalized abortions to penance is a question of how best to deepen a flock's relationship to God and a move left up to local priests. He said such a move is appropriate and in line with church teaching."

Excerpted from Priest urges penance for Obama voters over abortion

Gilbert said...
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Gilbert said...


I'm not sure Billy Graham said that he wouldn't consult with Barack Obama because of what he believes in. Billy is not in good health, and while his son is against his stance on abortion for obvious reasons, I didn't see where Franklin Graham said he wouldn't provide advice if needed, and in fact, is praying that he will repent of what he thinks (knows?) he is about to do.

Also, in your list of good cartoons, the "Potatoe" one is shown twice. Ore wase thate intentionale?

The linked article to the Philly family newspaper that your son provided already has some deeply disturbing comments from those that oppose God. Moral restraint is just being thrown away and has been rejected by America. How scary is this, what is coming?

Yeah, good morning to you, too.

Kay said...

Before I read any further, I had to say 'Spooky, I was listening to 'I'd do anything' just as I read that line in your post, and I had a vision of Tony Campolo singing it...'