Thursday, November 06, 2008

Things to Come: focus, "Don't misses"

No, not the books by Pentecost nor Wells; this blog.

I had to delete one of those funny little posts that amounted to, "You spend too much time on politics! Here's a link to my blog!" It was funny for two reasons: nobody who criticizes my posts seems to have read the blog-description/mission-statement I put right on the front page. You know, the one that says:
This blog presents the eclectic thoughts of a Biblical Christian about God, the Bible, man, life, the world; about people, places and things; about books and movies. It includes photo's, essays questions, answers, video clips. (Did I say "eclectic"? It's eclectic!)
Yeah, that statement. There I go again, saying what I'm going to do, and then doing it. Drives some folks a little batty.

The second funny thing about this crack was — wait for it — I got it either on the day of, or the day after, the election. So, imagine that. We're having a pivotal national election on which (among other things) hangs the state of pro-life legislation across the nation... and I focus on it! For a month! On my eclectic blog!

It never ceases to amaze how critical a few folks are of a service for which they pay zip.

But I digress.

It isn't a poli-blog, so the focus is going to shift now. I'm not sure, but I doubt I'll keep up the daily "Don't miss these" post. It was fun, but took a lot of work, and I should probably move on to other things.

Plus I'll just be very candid with you. With that disastrous election, with the appalling mistake the voters made, with the worst people in our country biting themselves with glee ... I'm not really so interested in reading the news right now. Too saddening. My wife and I half-joke about just not noticing the news for another 3.5 years or so.

(I doubt that will last.)

Plus, I have two sermons to write for three services on Sunday, praise God.

But I'm not going away, DV.


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze how critical a few folks are of a service for which they pay zip.

Two thoughts came to mind from this sentence.

1) I had never considered a blog (any blog, not just yours) as a service. Annoyance, distraction, provocation maybe. But service? Hmm...

2) The old adage: "You get what you pay for."

:-) Keep it comin', Dan. I would never complain.

DJP said...

So, you're telling me:

1. My blog's sheer irritation; and
2. It's worthless.


~Mark said...

I like your eclecticism! :) Life has many facets to deal with and it's good to sharpen each other concerning them.

DJP said...

Thanks, Mark.

I say, with a grin, if anyone doesn't like eclectic, he won't like this blog.

Or he'll like it in fits and starts.

Rachael Starke said...

I never thought there'd come a day when reading the editorial section of the WSJ would make me literally feel sick to my stomach. So much bad news without the good news of the gospel is really rough, even from the one newspaper who didn't dive into the tank for Obama.

On the other hand, any news infused with the good news of the gospel is worth reading. Which is why I'll ruefully be reading even the WSJ less, but BibChr as much as ever. :)

VcdeChagn said...

I have to admit I didn't come here much before the "Great Pyro shutdown of 2008" (as its fondly become known) but I've really enjoyed it.

It's now a part of my regular reading schedule ( if I don't have enough already).

CR said...


I hate to say this, but with very few exceptions (like FOCA and maybe universal healthcare), I think the Republicans in the Senate (Republicans in the House have no power, whatsoever), should just sit back and let the democrats run our country to the ground with their higher taxes and high spending. Our nation will probably go into a deep recession and I hate the fact that many will lose jobs, including some who are our Christian brethren, but I was not complicit with Obama being elected.

Our best chances for 2010 and 2012 will be to let the democrats do what they do best when they have power, tax and spend.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on not watching or reading the news - I actually think we ought to never watch the news - have you seen the book "How the News Makes Us Dumb."? Great stuff

CR said...

Wanted to put a slight caveat on what I said, even if democrats don't get 60 senators there is no guarantee that Senate Republicans would be able to stop FOCA since two of the Republicans in the Senate are very liberal, Collins and Snowe, and there is no guarantee they would participate in a filibuster to prevent FOCA.

Wascally 5Point5 said...

I find some of the best things in life are free.

1.)Being chosen as one of the elect.

2.) Dan's words of wisdom that he chooses to share with me.

3.)If you were in North Georgia just look at the trees outside.

Thanks Dan for sharing here and at pyro

DJP said...

It's a joy to me, WW. And that people actually read it! Bonus!

Mike Westfall said...

> have you seen the book "How the
> News Makes Us Dumb."?

Does that book have lots of pictures? I've watched a lot of news lately.

Anonymous said...

It's eclectic, boogie woogie woogie!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Wouldn't have been weirder if you hadn't blogged about "THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!" (tm everybody)?

I've enjoyed your refreshingly frank political posts & your refreshingly frank non-political posts. It's refreshing!

coldwell said...

I don't know how you find the time for the blog, but, thanks and keep it coming. I much enjoy reading it. And I really like the new masthead.

DJP said...

Thanks, Coldwell!

April, it's what I do. Sometimes to a fault.

candy said...

I'm with you Dan on watching the news. I went for years without a television. I would love to toss the one we have now. I asked my husband on the night of the election if we could just get rid of it. The only show I would miss is LOST, but I can see that on the computer the next day.

Rachael Starke said...


It's tempting. And I hate to pull the "I have kids" card. But that makes a huge impact on what we can get by on and whether what I want to do before my children is just "survive."

I've really taken to heart Dan's admonition over "What did you do, Mommy" seriously. I grew up in a family whose response to the ills of the world was to bunker-in to keep from being infected by it all. They may have believed the gospel, but to my teenage eyes, this was one way in particular that drove me from it for quite a few years.

I'm struggling over how to communicate effectively with Phil over at Pyro over this, but I continue to argue that this election demonstrates that we've forgotten the James-ian principle that proclaiming the gospel is about a lot more than words from a pulpit or a blog. It begins there, it lives there, but it's like Dennis Hopper says in "Speed" - a bomb that doesn't explode has been denied its reason for being. The power of the gospel is seen in the way it transforms people. A flawed analogy - the gospel is an incendiary device for good, not evil! - but that's the best I've got at the moment. My kids are my number one audience for proclaiming the gospel, and I have been praying for some time over how I can live before them the compassion of Christ for the lost. I could never come up with a way with the situation in Darfur. But there's another genocide going on right here. And if I do nothing, and it gets worse, and I sit back and let the government work consistently to increase the genocide and silence dissension, then how different am I from all those evangelicals who sat around during WW2 and said thegospelthegospelthegospel while God's people were being snuffed out like so many candles? How do my children see the power of the gospel in that?

So there you go. Not only am I going to actually read Dan's words, I'm actually going to heed them, because so many of his words have helped me read and understand God's words more clearly.

Ahem. Unlike a few, ahem, others. Not you.

But you kow who you are.

Must run.

Carol Jean said...

DJP said, "...with the worst people in our country biting themselves with glee..."

NEARLY EVERYONE in this country seems to have lost their minds. Officials think baseball could get back into Olympics after Obama election

We need a repository for "Don't Misses" Dan! Maybe you can make it a weekly feature.

DJP said...

Not a bad idea at all, Carol Jean. I'll think about it. Thanks!

DJP said...

ColdwellI don't know how you find the time for the blog....

I actually fit it in all over the place. I get up well before work, do my Bible reading, and sometimes whittle, or at least respond to / police comments. Then my job is IT support, and I can wedge things in between calls.

Also, my dear wife is very supportive of the blogging. One of the greatest, funnest things this year was taking Valerie to T4G, and having her see total strangers come up and graciously thank me for the blog - including a couple of the speakers! She got a taste of the ministry "pay-off" for the sacrifice she makes in letting me spend some time on it at home.

Mike Westfall said...

Here's a "Don't Miss":

Obama Supporters have nothing to talk abut in aftermath of election

CR said...

That was good MM.